Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Barkley and Gracie.  They are one of the main reasons that I am now communicating with animals on a regular basis.  I first met them when I went to their home to do a consultation with their mother.  At that time I could hear whispers of things they were trying to tell me.  Their dad and mom asked to return with the intention of actually talking to them.  At the time their dad was upset because Gracie was being mean to Barkley and it was very upsetting to him. 

The day I went to visit with them Gracie met me at the door.  She said, "Here you are!"  What I discovered from this visit was that Gracie was feeling left out because her parents were paying more attention to Barkley.  Barkley has three legs and Gracie felt like this is the reason they favored him. What she said was, "It's not fair."  I heard this loud and clear. 

These two beautiful dogs were so forthcoming with their communication that it made me decide that I needed to hone this gift that I've been given.  So today I'm writing this to say thank you to Gracie and Barkley.  You were catalysts to move me in the direction that I am now going.  Mwah!! 


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