Thursday, November 20, 2008

Precious grandchildren!

I was supposed to go to a workshop last Wednesday, 11/12, in Georgia. My flight on Wednesday was cancelled due to engine trouble. I could not make my connections into Augusta on that day so I postponed my trip until the following day. I accepted that I would be late for the workshop but felt positive that it would be OK.

On Thursday I got as far as Dallas. I was waiting for my Atlanta connection when the an extremely loud siren alerted everyone to exit the airport. Terminal D was evacuated for a security breach. This evacuation included everyone...even the shoe shine person. We were all outside of the terminal for at least an hour then stood in the security line for another hour. Everyone had to go back through Security, even the airport personnel. Many of you know what security is like these days. Once again, due to all the delays, I could not make it to my final destination. I took this as a 'sign' that I was not supposed to go at all and returned back to Tulsa. My suitcase finally made it home on Sunday afternoon.

I emailed my friends and clients and received the following email from a friend the next day. She gave me permission to post it because she said her life has been very humorous. Here goes...

The “signs” on your trip make me laugh at one of the biggest signs I ignored earlier in life. When I was first engaged at 18 I broke my ring finger right after he proposed. (I’d never broken a bone before.) When I went to pick up my wedding dress it had been altered two sizes too small. The day of the wedding a monsoon hit that delayed me being able to get to the church on time. Once I got there the dressing room flooded so I had to stand on a table to get dressed. Before walking down the aisle my dad kept telling me we could turn around and walk out the door. At the reception my dress caught on fire while posing for pictures by the cake and candles. The following morning when we got to the airport to leave for our honeymoon we presented our tickets to the steward and were told there was no such flight, so we had to purchase another ticket. Then our honeymoon was cut short because a hurricane was on its way.

I know that this friend is paying much closer attention to her life now.
Thursday, October 9, 2008
The way to heaven on this beautiful blue planet is by moving directly into the very heart and soul of your humanity. Make mistakes, play the fool, care too much, love too openly, laugh too loud and too much, cry too obviously, play uninhibitedly, embrace too much, shout too loud and let your heart be broken by the brothers and sisters who take this journey with you.

Recognize these journeys you take here are all too short to be wasted in pretending to be apart from that which you are. You owe all this to yourself. You didn't come here to be an old cranky hermit; you came here to live full throttle until you die. Don't be afraid to be human.

Shim & Company
Monday, October 6, 2008
My profession is so interesting! I get the opportunity to communicate with people from all walks of life. One thing that people often ask me about is illness. I believe is that illness always, always, always has to do with a person's vibration. If ones vibration is low then the cells don't do what they are supposed to do causing the onset of illness or dis-ease.

For some, being ill is a way to withdraw from the many things that pull at them in this life. If I am sick then I don't have to: work so much, attend to a parent that might exhaust me, or to actually do something that will help me to live an authentic life. Fear can often keep us sick - fear of success or of failure. If I am sick I can withdraw with an 'excused absence' so to say. I don't have to say 'yes' when I want to say no.

As far as looking at this from a Feng Shui perspective, if someone has the energy blueprint of 'damsel in distress, victim, or wounded child' then that person is probably going to choose a house that will honor this archetype or blueprint. They will choose a house that will bring illness or allow them to stay sick.

This is something that shows up in Chinese Astrology charts as well. Everyone goes through times of challenge, and the choices we make while in that challenge can often determine our wellness. Someone can be clashed and rise above it or fall victim to it.

Sometimes being sick is my body telling me that I need to slow down and just be.

I have a dear friend who says, "Life is long and there are many things we can do while we are here." What do you choose to do?
Over and out with respect, love and happy thoughts!
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Watching Suzie Ormon on Oprah recently, I was reminded that there is always a spiritual solution for most problems. Suzie was addressing the economic downturn and she has always said "People first, then money, then things". If you find yourself not in fear and OK with what is going on 'out there' right now then you probably have a pretty good relationship with what is going on 'inside' of you.

I try not to watch the Dow or to focus on the negative headlines. Our media tends to focus more on the negative than the positive.

The most important thing that I learned from watching Suzie Ormon was that it is very important for me to be honest. If I am charging debt on a credit card that I don't have then I'm being dishonest. She kept stressing how great it is to live in something that does not have a huge payment or to drive a car that is paid for. Amen to that. I guess the most important thing is not to get into fear. That really lowers our vibration and often causes us to get sick. If we don't have our health, we don't have anything.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Here's a fun picture of me teaching the Space Clearing Workshop. Seems like my hands are always part of the action.

The workshop was held in a log cabin on the grounds of the Hope Unitarian Church in Tulsa. It sits on the side of a hill and has nature trails all around it. Members of the church will sprinkle their loved one's cremains around this area. It's a beautiful area.

After the workshop I learned some other things from participants. The log cabin has some termite issues. Maybe next time we can work on this! The land is on Native American burial grounds and is also one of the highest points in Tulsa. There is a huge cell phone tower on the property. We did not work with this yet since it was a beginning Space Clearing workshop.

Another participant did a little research about surrounding oneself with white light for protection. She discussed this with her very wise and intuitive partner and he empahsized that the negative energies, entities, etc., attach to us only when our energy field is impure. Our areas of fear and discomfort allow negative entities in. The focus for surrounding oneself with light when coming from a place of service (compassionate heart) provides protection.

Two people said they actually saw ghosts. Sitings of a female child and of an elderly woman were brought to my attention. The woman who saw the child ghost said she was scared due to what was going on in the cabin.

If you would like to have a Personal and Space Clearing Workshop, please let me know. Have pendulum, dowsing rod, love to teach and will travel!
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Here is the information about my Space Clearing Workshop in case you check my blog. ^_^

The Log Cabin
8432 S. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74133
Saturday, September 6, 2006
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Fee - $35

The energy of your surroundings affects you on many levels. The thoughts and feelings of former owners of your home, and your own experience in the space can be held there as an emotional residue, to deeply affect your personal environment. In addition, the energy of the earth under your bed or desk, for instance, can impact your ability to rest fully or work most successfully. The effects of technology such as electromagnetic fields or cell phones can also be invisible influences. These energies may be held and trapped in the land, within your home or business… or stored in your personal energetic field. All of these disturbances can be cleared using our intention and a compassionate heart.

I hope you can join me.
Sunday, August 24, 2008
What I always notice is that when I am having problems with a friend or spouse or others the only feedback I get is that I am unknowingly being a vibrational match for that kind of behavior. This is really a wake up call for me that its time to vibe switch in order to attract more kind and loving behavior from "them."

If I can let go of my ego long enough to try to 'be' the behavior that I want that person to show to me everything changes. It sounds easier than it actually is for me. If I can let go of judgement (and this is really a challenge sometimes) then the whole world shifts for me.

I often get requests from clients to read the charts of their significant other in order to figure out how to make things better between them but that the answer never lies in the other person but almost always in my client. What I can do with this type of request is give insight into the type of person they are dealing with and in what kind of 'luck cycle' the significant other is.

It seems as though when I'm having a consultation with a client about their chart, the universe opens up and really helps me to help my client. I have such great appreciation for this. I call it Astrological Coaching and it is one of my services.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas to do the Feng Shui and Space Clear a Bed and Breakfast Inn built in 1890. I met my close friend Beth who lives in Houston. We have been friends since we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia back in the early 80s.

Immediately upon arrival I began taking the compass measurements and would go into different suites and Space Clear. It was a 'working weekend' but I want to let you know how grateful I am for my career. Cathy, the Innkeeper, is a wonderful client and friend. The Inn is an absolutely gorgeous place to stay in Hot springs. A real treat! I highly recommend it. Contact me for information.

The first night both Beth and I slept fitfully to say the least. Upon rising I asked myself why had I not cleared our suite?! Sometimes I forget what I do, but this actually turned out to be an excellent experiment. Before our second night, the suite was cleared. We slept like babies. Only one interesting occurrence ... in the middle of the night the lamp on one of the shelves was turned on and then turned off when we woke up in the morning. We had a great laugh about this. Don't you think that an old inn has more 'character' if it has some unusual happenings? It seems that our visitor also has a sense of humor.

I'm teaching a Space Clearing workshop here in Tulsa on Sept. 6, 2008.
Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Many of you use Feng Shui and recently I have been observing many interesting happenings at our house in the South sector. As some of you already know, the South is a challenging area in 2008. The 5 Star, also called the Tragedy Star, resides there this year. It is also the direction of the San Sha, another negative influence. Our home does not have the important areas in the South such as entrances or bedrooms. Our master bathroom and the guest room upstairs are in the South.
Outside in the South area, a huge limb that held a small swing broke. A young fruit tree in the same direction is not doing well. The fusebox for the upstairs air conditioner in the South area, died and had to be replaced last month. Just this weekend the outlets in our master bathroom stopped working. I have attached a photo of the limb and the fruit tree that is in the South Sector of our property.

Recently I heard from one of my clients that last year when this energy was visiting in the West and Northwest sector, her husband fell from a ladder while trimming trees and had severe injuries. It is not recommended to 'move earth, make renovations or construction' in the South sector this year. I am sending this as a 'reminder' in case you have forgotten about your Feng Shui updates. The incidents that have happened at our home are with the remedies in place and my 'knowing' about this energy. My experience from the past and client feedback help me to pay closer attention.

Lauren and Lily, my granddaughter and grand dog, came over for the morning. Lily the dog was coughing when she got here. Lauren and I went to harvest in the garden and Lily came with us. Lily coughed. She either had allergies or something stuck in her throat. Whatever it was the cough was very persistent. We came inside to play and Lily coughed.

About 2 hours later Lauren and I went into my office. Lily followed us as she always does and continued coughing. I have a display board that is full of pendulums that I sell in my workshops and some more on the floor. Lauren loves to organize and play with them. I picked up a pendulum and told Lauren that I was going to ‘clear’ Lily and maybe it would help her cough. Lauren picked up a pendulum and did the same thing. I spoke in 3 year old terminology while I cleared. Lauren cleared along with me.

Lily watched us and made some funny throat noises as we cleared. Lily never coughed again while she was here. About an hour later I realized that the cough had stopped and brought it to Lauren’s attention. I talked about how it was a miracle. It was a happy moment as you can only imagine.
Monday, May 26, 2008
A little more information ~

Unity Center Downtown
Satursday, June 7
1830 S. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74119
Love Offering - $30
Saturday, May 24, 2008
The universe has been giving me a strong push towards teaching a workshop about clearing personal energy fields. I will be teaching it in Tulsa on June 7.

  • Some of the techniques you will have the opportunity to experience in this half-day workshop are:

    ~How to use a pendulum
    ~To have an opportunity to experience what it feels like to find deep inner peace
    ~How to move out of old thought patterns
    ~Actually finding a new way of looking at the world
    ~How to reduce and manage your stress levels
    ~Cultivating a daily clearing practice that is easy, fun, and lasting

    And perhaps you will gain these additional benefits...

    · Release stressful patterns you never knew you had
    · Feel more available, less attached, and in the flow
    · Join with others as you explore what it means to live a more clear and conscious life
    · Experience the true meaning of 'lightening up'
    · Be an example for others to follow your lead

    The benefits of this workshop are boundless!

My Oklahoma clients have received this information, but wanted to share it on my blog in case others are interested who do not live in good ole Oklahoma.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could bring more peace and more happiness into your lives and the lives of those around us?
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hugging Cousins

and my Little Cowboy Grandson with his Dad...

I count my blessings!
Monday, March 24, 2008
Everyone wants to know how much someone charges for their work. Below is a list of my Energy Abundance Exchanges. ^_^

Four Pillars Astrology Reading - $175 - includes a typewritten report and a phone consultation

Astrological and Spiritual Coaching - $50 1/2 hr - I will meet with you to help you find clarity.

Feng Shui - $.20/sq ft - $200 minimum

Personal Clearing - $75 - includes a report and is done remotely -

Space Clearing - Remotely done using a floorplan - $75/hr
On site - $100/hr - $200 minimum

Payment by cash, check or through using my email address of
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
We all have energy fields. Sometimes we can sense the energy fields of others. Not knowing why, we might want to be around a person due to their high energetic vibration. We actually feel better in their presence. Jesus had such an energy field. His vibration was so high that often if a sick person touched Jesus their vibration was raised and healing followed.

Many of us can also sense when a person's energy fields are in discord or have a low frequency. What usually happens is that we want to get away from this individual. Sometimes it seems like a person has a grey cloud around them. We all have disturbances in our energy fields and these are stored in our DNA. Ultimately physical manifestation of dis-ease, sickness, emotional or mental dis-harmony can manifest due to these disturbances.

The human body contains electromagnetic fields that vibrate at specific frequencies. Matter in general has a vibration frequency that can be determined by measurement. Clearing creates a resonance which allows disturbed energy to return to a state of balance. When I do a personal clearing I will go through the different energy fields: negative thought forms, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic, past lives and others.

It's always interesting what shows up during a personal clearing. At first I was worried that the person being cleared would think I was making up a story or maybe I'm a little bit crazy. However, after having done this for a few years I realize that what shows up can often be very relevant for whomever I'm doing the work.

Sometimes there are dramatic results like old issues falling away. Other times one may go through a healing crisis as this information comes to the surface of their awareness. This depends on how many layers of the ‘onion’ are ready to be cleared. I also use my dowsing ability to discover if there is a color that will help a client. Color is an excellent healing modality and will help bring us into balance.
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In this busy and stressful world, Astrology gives us an excuse to sit down and think about our lives. It helps us to awaken to our own spiritual power.

The time I spend with a client, whether on the phone, or in person is sacred space of understanding. This is a time of processing and gaining acceptance to the new insights into their lives. Looking to the future, I help clients to know if the road will be smooth or if challenges lie ahead.

Over the years I have become more comfortable with my inner voice during a consultation. I realize that when I’m interpreting a chart my inner knowing, or sixth sense, becomes more powerful. I can help people to see beyond their immediate pain or confusion to the success and happiness that await them.

Astrology gives my life deep meaning that does not run out. It is something that I remain on fire about and rewards me greatly. It is my hope that astrology can give others a sense of control over their destiny. We all face periods of disappointment and even disasters in our lives. This period of pain is often a touchstone for spiritual growth. Astrology is a vehicle that helps us navigate the wonderful journey of our life.
Thursday, January 10, 2008

December 26 brought a new little grandson into my life. .
Here are a couple of updated pictures of the Grandangels.

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