Friday, March 23, 2012
This post is not about animals.  This is an email that I sent to a client this morning.  She is not happy with where she is working and wanted my advice.  :-) 

Dear ___________,

Well just poo about your current situation.  I thought you were liking it.  Here is how I look at things…

What feels lighter?  Does it feel lighter to talk to your boss?  Or does it feel lighter to look at a new job opportunity?

You say you have been really unhappy, and here is the deal for me.  If I am feeling unhappy in whatever I’m doing (it could even be weeding the garden) everything is harder.  If I am not in a space of feeling good, happy, open-hearted then no work comes to me.  For me life is all about how I create it.  It can never ever ever be about how someone else is treating me because I’m the one that attracts these things.  Does that make sense?  Do you listen to Abraham-Hicks?  Or do you get the daily affirmations?  I can honestly say that in the past, 5 years (at least), I’ve never been treated badly.  I don’t allow it.   

Before you talk to your boss make a list of what you are contented about.  If you go in and talk about what you are discontented about then that sets the tone.  What do you like about your current job?  You said the new job is opening in May, but May is a long way away.  What can you do today to make your place of employment feel better and LIGHTER to you?  The change always has to come from within.  There is no ‘some person, place or thing out there’ that causes our discontent.  Sucks, doesn’t it? 

I can’t blame, complain or explain in my life anymore.  Everything that I do has to come from inside of me.  If I’m not treated well, I caused it.  If I’m not happy, I caused it.  Now is the time to take inventory of you.  What is the deeper part of you wanting.  Where are you feeling inadequate?  What can you do to make it better?  Get your paper and pen out.  Write your new moon wishes and make them only about you.  If you could have anything you want, what would that be? 

Love to you.  I see you feeling better already.  I see you in a perfect place and right where you are supposed to be right now. 

·´. ¸·*¨)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012
At the end of our first day in the workshop, we were invited to visit two beautiful properties with horses for a field trip. The owner of Mystique, who looked very much like the photo above, told us that he had a health issue and was wondering if what she was doing was helping.  As she asked the question the word 'diabetes' dropped into my thoughts.  I jotted it down.  Then I wondered if horses even got diabetes?!  Others in the class were reporting their suspicions.  I didn't speak up at first, but finally I said that I had heard one word only - diabetes. This was the issue!  Amelia asked me how I got this information.  I told everyone that I had no idea, but I've heard messages like this before, long before I started doing animal communication. 

And then there was the adorable Ferret named Spaz.   See his little meditating feet above with Amelia?  His owner had fought in the Iraq War and came home with all of the stress that only war can bring.  Spaz told me that he was an enlightened philosopher and that I could call him Jesus!  His owner wondered why Spaz would crawl up into the entertainment center and act like he couldn't get out.  Spaz told me it was so that his Dad would stop watching the TV and pay attention to him.  Spaz likes the rock music that his Dad plays all the time.  (all confirmed by Dad, the TV watcher and Rock music lover)

Sparky, a rescued Jack Russell mix, was the life of the party.  He was so happy to be on stage.  At first his owner had him on a leash, but I knew he wanted off to be free.  When his Dad let him loose he came and greeted each of us separately.  Sparky knew he was on stage and was thrilled to be there.  No stage fright here.

I felt compelled to ask Sparky why he came into his owner's life.   He told me that his Dad was very lonely when he adopted him.  He said he's still lonely sometimes today.  When I told his owner this he replied, "You know, when you wife of many years leaves you, you get very lonely."  I later apologized to Sparky's dad and told him that I didn't mean to 'read his mail', but I try to repeat what the animal tells me without filtering. 

So, what did I learn at this fabulous workshop?  I learned that I'm pretty good at what I do.  I learned to trust every message that I receive.  I learned that Amelia Kinkade and I are, perhaps, old friends from another lifetime.  She called me Texas Okie at first.  Amelia also asked me if I would take some of her 'lost' animal cases since she will be on the road for the next few months.  Tracking isn't easy and it is very time consuming.  However, I told her that if she sent me someone, I would try to help.  This was such a wonderful compliment.  My favorite animal communicator asking me to help her.  WOW!  I came home with a new found confidence and a very grateful heart. 

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