Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Mango and Coconut
These California angels were rescued.  Coconut said she was on 'death row' when her mom came in and saved her.  She says she pees sometimes when she gets nervous.  She also pees on her dad's clothes if he bugs mom!  This baby pees with intention!!  She loves her Mango saying they are soul sisters.

Mango was second in my communication and she impatiently said, "I wondered when it was going to be my turn!"  She told her mom that she was amazing because she gets through anything.  (Her mom is a cancer survivor.) 

Mango told me that her first owner dropped her off in the street because she couldn’t afford me and I was too much trouble. She understand now because she has it made in her new home. 

Mango makes Coco laugh and says she is really funny.  When Mango rides in the car she feels more secure sitting in a lap.  Who rescued whom?


Cosh said...

I've often wondered how Coconut and Mango's lives were before I adopted them - their puppy phases, happiness, sadness, fear and abandonment. Now, they bring so much love and joyful energy into our home. And it's OK that Coconut pees on Daddy's clothes. She's teaching him not to throw his clothes on the floor. Pam, you are amazing. Thank you from my heart.

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