Saturday, January 31, 2009
Barack Obama was born in the Year -Yin Metal Ox, the Month -Yin Wood Goat, the Hour - Yang Wood Dog and the DAY - YIN EARTH SNAKE. The Day or Day Master is a person's actual personality. The DayMaster can be compared to the Star of the Show, while the other elements and animals are the supporting actors.

A Yin Earth person is adaptable, agile and quick thinking – comparable to farmland, or a garden. During a time of good luck is cool, calm and collected. Obama is not simple on the inside. Just as we don’t know what is on the inside of the earth, the same holds true for the Yin Earth person.

A Yin Earth Snake is stable and honest, humble and willing to accommodate others. He will place a high premium on traditional values and virtues. His standards for all things are high, as are his personal ethics. It is unlikely that he will speak or act ill towards others. He is selfless rather than selfish. He also believes in things that can't be seen.

This is considered a very strong chart. Earth born in the month of the Goat (earth). His favorable elements are Water and Metal. He won the presidency on a double Water day in a double Water month.

Things I see in his chart:

  • Great speaking ability
  • Siblings and peers don't help him
  • Can work well independently
  • Very close connection with child and with children
  • Mother will die young or he will not have a close relationship with her
  • Has trouble sitting still - energetic
  • Can hold the power
  • Blunt
  • Can aggressively move forward to achieve

2009 is a double earth year. This makes his strong chart stronger. This energy will affect Obama's thinking, behavior, decisions and direction. He will become more self-determined at this time. This additional Earth energy can cause him to come across stronger that he means to. He could argue with peers.

In 9 Star Ki, another type of Chinese Astrology, Barack Obama moves to a place that I call the 'cave'. It is significant for bringing about transformation. He can have an enormous evolution in his consciousness. This is a period of tremendous psychological insights and change, but not much stability.

Barack Obama is an a 10 Year Luck Pillar that is very favorable (metal and wood), but every year in that ten years is different. 2009 looks to be the most challenging for him. Hopefully this small peek at his chart will give you some insight about what lays in front of him.

Looking at the state of our nation right now, how could Obama's job be anything but challenging for 2009? I plan to 'lift' him up every time I think about him or read his name. Hopefully all of you will do the same.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Chinese New Year is celebrated earlier this year, January 26th. It is suggested that you do some house cleaning on the days before January 26. You can remove clutter that has accumulated over the past year. Focus on anything that you associate with an unhappy memory. If you haven’t used something in two years, let it go! If you had challenges in 2008 open the doors and windows, burn a candle or some incense and invite the new qi inside. However, if 2008 was great for you, don’t blow out the qi! You can clean and de-clutter, but don’t open the windows and doors. Let the beneficial qi in your home remain inside.

Our new president is calling all of us to step out of our comfort zone to help this nation get back on its feet. To quote Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” What do you repeatedly do? Do you spread joy and positivity? Do you live in the past or hold resentments? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is making money or the lack of it your focus? Are you usually on time or late? Do you go out of your way to help others? There is a wonderful 4 minute video on Oprah’s website that I invite you to watch. I would love to hear your pledge. When we put it in writing it holds a greater commitment.

In Chinese metaphysics we are in the Age of 8 – 2004-2024. This is the Age of the Young Man. It is represented by the Mountain. Attributes of this time are stillness, being grounded, certainty and balance. Animal: Dog. Body part: Hand. Direction: NE. It is predicted that during this time many secrets will be exposed. One of the negatives of this time is ‘loneliness’. Think about the video you just watched. One of the headlines today read Obama lifts a hand, lifts a nation. These are some of my observations. I predict there will be a new dog in the White House and it will make the news often.

More workshops are in the planning stage. I am also participating in the Women’s Living Expo event at Expo Square, February 13-15. If you plan to attend, come by and see me. My husband, Robert, is doing the cabinets for the kitchen exhibit. His company, Jo Rose, will offer 'green' cabinets in 2009.

Contact me if you want your annual Feng Shui or Four Pillars astrology update. I recently posted something on my blog about Chinese Astrology. Astrology is something I repeatedly do and am very passionate about.

Let's be the change we want to see, and remember...there is never a crowd on the leading edge.
Friday, January 16, 2009
While studying Astrology, I was very aware of changes going on for me, both on the inside and out. As a result, I became much more accustomed to and comfortable with my inner voice. This sixth sense was very apparent once I started working with clients. I realized that while I was interpreting the elements for my clients, I was also helping them to gain understanding, acceptance and new insights into their lives. My newfound interpretive skills and my inner knowing seemed completely natural to me. I can't logically explain where it comes from, but it is there and time and time again, it has proven helpful to my clients, which is what is important. I also like using the Pendulum in consultations with clients. It helps to give me a fuller picture of my client's future potential.

My goal is to help people to see beyond their immediate pain and confusion to the happiness and success that await them further down the line. I don't believe there is any point in a consultation if the client then walks away feeling that he or she has no control over their destiny. While we all face periods of disappointment and even disaster during our life, these are just bumps in the road and there is always something to learn and better still, a way to use what has been learned to grow spiritually, emotionally and make adjustments that can eventually improve our circumstances and state of mind.
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
And received this response ~

Thank you for you Beautiful message! Susan and I had a Native American artist, Virginia Stroud, paint a painting several years ago. I can't remember her name right now. I had her paint a woman holding back the curtain of human condition, of separation, so the viewer could see how much clearer it is on the other side. And how easy it is to go behind the curtain if we only tell our egos that we are going.

You are on the other side and it is a pleasure to know you!
Love and Peace. Bill Patterson
Yesterday I sent out this email to everyone on my mailing list~

Have you taken down your holiday decorations and trying to transition back into the real world? I'm always happy when the 'season' is over. As most of you know, one of my passions is Four Pillars of Destiny - Chinese Astrology. The reason I love it so much is because it helps me to understand where I have been and gives me direction for where I am going. Mostly, Four Pillars helps me to understand the NOW. I read a chart using the five element theory ~ Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These elements have a color, season, direction, body organ, etc. associated with them.

If you were to look at my chart, you would see a strong WATER woman who has a flood of water in her chart. You know what water can do? It can flood the earth, drown trees, rust metal and put fire out. Yikes! If I'm looking for balance, then more water will do the opposite. Winter, Christmas, snow, rain, cold, the direction of North, the colors black and indigo are all associated with water. Looking back over the years I realize why winter and Christmas has never been my favorite time. It is not a good or bad just is. What brings me into balance is heat, sunshine, flowers, trees, summer, spring, earth, fireworks, 4th of July, animals, children, the color red, and using my creativity through talking and writing. These things make me feel more normal. (Whatever NORMAL is!)

I sent out a newsletter about updates for the Year of the Ox. I never know if they get to you because of spam filters. If the newsletter did not get to you, it is posted on

Every morning I receive a quote from I can highly recommend these quotes because of their positivity and their ability to raise my vibration. I loved today's and will share it with you.

Never yet, not once, Pam, have you ever smiled at a stranger, said "sorry" to a friend, or bowed to the glory of nature, when sparks didn't fly, tears didn't roll, and praises weren't sung for you behind the curtains of time and space.
All hail Pam Case, The Universe

All hail to all of you!
Love from Pam Case and the Universe
Monday, January 5, 2009

The Year of the Ox is just around the corner, and will arrive on February 4, 2009. At that time the annual energies will change and your Feng Shui remedies and enhancements will need to be updated.

Many of you like an update of your Four Pillars report. If you would like to have these updates please call-918-512-6833 or email me - Below is a menu of my fees for the above services.

Feng Shui updates $50
Four Pillars update $65
Four Pillars month-by-month $200

This can be paid by check or through Paypal at using my email address above. Please let me know if you would like these updates through regular or email.

The Year of the Ox is symbolized by two elements – with earth sitting on top of earth. This is like two brothers or sisters and they can be friends or competitors. The earth on top is yin earth which symbolizes a garden. The Ox is yin earth, a peaceful animal and is known for hard work and persistence. Hopefully, 2009 will be a year of greater peace and harmony.

After the last clearing workshop in early December, I returned to the Unity Church to give them a love offering. Someone at the workshop asked if the church had experienced any beneficial changes since I have been having workshops there. I remembered to ask the minister, Ann Marie, and she said they now have the largest congregation they have ever had!

I am being called to share clearing techniques with a new generation of children who are gifted in many ways. No matter the terms used to describe them: Indigo Children, Crystal Kids, Rainbow, Psychic, or others, the overall meaning is the same: they are intuitive, spiritually gifted and aware. I have been offered a space to work with these exceptional children. I believe that if they can come together in a group it will help them to feel more understood. These kids are amazing and have a greater 'knowing' than I ever dreamed of having.

If you know of any children who might be interested in participating in a fun 2 hour workshop on a Saturday, let me know. I am putting it out there and feel that if it is supposed to happen then the kids will appear. Would love to hear any thoughts you have about this.

Try something different! Instead of making a resolution list, try making a gratitude list. Some things you might ponder on the list are: Who is important to you? What are things you can’t buy? Why are you feeling blessed? What have you overcome? Who makes you happy? List all that is easy and flowing in your life.

Happiness is being. It does not mean that you cannot be in pain and still be happy. It does not mean that you cannot be working very hard and still be happy. Happiness is being. Be in peace.

The way I have done Chinese Astrology charts in the past has been quite labor intensive. In the New Year I am going to make some changes. I will record the reading with the phone consultation with my client. This reading is about your personal map and the blueprint of your life. A natal chart reading also addresses pressing issues in your life at the time of the reading. 1 hour, $150. If a type-written report is also desired, there will be an additional charge of $75. Annual updates will still be typed and emailed to you, or if would prefer a phone consultation or to meet with me, my hourly rate is $100 an hour, $50 for 1/2 hour.

A wonderful gift you can give someone is a better understanding of who they are and what their purpose is in life. A Four Pillars Astrology reading gives someone deep insight into why they are here. You will give your loved one something that they will forever remember and a better understanding of themselves.

Recently I was watching Eli Stone on TV and Eli’s guru said something to him that I loved and resonated with deeply. "...I understand that you have a gift. A gift is something that is given. You don't own it. The world does. The world is asking you to use it. You don't get to say 'no'. No matter how much you might want to." We all have ‘gifts’ that we can use to help to make the World a better place.

My wish for you in 2009 is to have the ability to love without limit and to reach and dream in spite of your fears. Sending you love and blessings from my heart to yours....Pam

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