Thursday, August 19, 2010
Friday lives in South Texas.  Her mom contacted me because she wanted to find out about his limp.  They have taken him to the vet and the chiropractor.  When I introduced myself to Friday he said he would talk to me as long as I didn't want to prod and pry on him.  I went into detail about what I was going to do.  He was a little bit suspicious. 

Friday didn't want his parents to worry about him.  The reason he is here is for his mother.  His purpose is to teach her to be fearless and to let go.  He says he limps more if his mom worries about him. 

He loves the cool floor in their home.  He also would love some bacon!  His favorite thing to do is to play frisbee and his mom told me that there was one on top of the refrigerator that they haven't played with in a while (due to the limp).  I suggested she put it down with him to encourage faster healing.  I also did some healing work on Friday.  Haven't heard if it is working.  I sure hope so.  Friday is a dog that the whole world would love to hug!


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