Friday, December 9, 2011
Seamus and Beau

Recently I communicated with Beau at his home. At that time he was in pain and his mothers weren't sure what they needed to do. Since that time they made the decision to send Beau across the Rainbow Bridge. After I communicated with Beau, I was asked to talk to Seamus who was already in Heaven. Seamus told me that I felt his essence when I was at his home recently. He said he was guiding Echo, the newest addition to their family, an 18 month old Great Dane.

When I asked Seamus to describe his surroundings he told me he was running in the tall grass. (It looked like wheat to me.) He told me that John met him on the Other Side. I could tell that John was an animal lover and he had grandfather energy.

Shortly after my visit to their home, Beau's parents emailed me that they were going to send him across the Rainbow Bridge.   I suggested that they pay attention to see if they received any messages letting them know that he was OK. A few days later I received this email titled "A Message from Beau". 

Funny/happy coincidence:  on Saturday evening we did indeed get a message from Beau, and Seamus, too.  I wanted to tell you about it because it connects to something you and Seamus talked about.
In July, 2008, I took the dogs and went north to stay with our friend Bonnie and her dog Scruffy, who owned this property. We had sold our house in Moscow, ID, and would be leaving for OK at the end of the month. Cathy followed mid-month and we spent our last days in the Northwest here in the woods. The dogs LOVED it there. On the day we packed the car, Beau laid down inside the cartop carrier bag and let us know in no uncertain terms that the craziness (packing) needed to stop because he had no intention of going anywhere. we often talked about finding a way to spend a month there every summer, and were quite sad when Bonnie sold the her place and moved into Spokane.
Bonnie called on Saturday night, just to check in. We haven't talked since the summer. I told her about Beau, and also about Seamus hanging out in the tall grass with John. Cathy and I were always sure that what you saw wasn't wheat, but instead the tall grass at Bonnie's -you can't see it in the pictures for the snow, but it was there in the summer.  I didn't have to tell Bonnie that ... I said "Pam said wheat" and B interrupted me:  no, that's in the woods.

She also reminded us who John is. He and his family lived across the road from Bonnie. He LOVED our boys, and we visited over at his property (more tall grassy areas) often when we went up to Bonnie's and during that month in 2008. He had had Great Danes in his earlier life farming in Scotland, and had two younger Danes when we met him.  John died a week before Christmas, 2008. I had forgotten about that, and their special bond, but Cathy and Bonnie both remember it vividly. I wonder if he and Seamus also knew each other from before sometime.

So, we know where they are:  in the woods in North Idaho. That image helped me be ready to take up his bed in our bedroom, because I also know where he'll be when he comes to visit us now.

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