Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Roxy was left behind by a previous owner and her parents rescued her from the house.  In the recent months her parents have been thinking about selling their home and were making changes to put it on the market.  Roxy started acting differently and her mom wanted me to talk to her.

Roxy told me that her house was a mess right now and that she was confused about it.  At the end of my chats I always ask if there is anything they want to say to me.  Roxy told me that she was scared with all the changes that she was going to be left behind again . It makes her so worried that her food doesn’t work right. 

I reassured her that she would go wherever her parents went.   She said, "Are You sure?!?   I told her Yes, and that she already knows that I know. 


Pam Case said...

Another great post. I love your amazing animal stories. Faith Barnard (by PC)

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