Friday, September 24, 2010
Here are Leo and Nani again.  Does a picture say a thousand words?   I will add bliss, love, contentment and purrrrrrfect! 
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Meet Leo and Nani.  Their mother contacted me because they seemed to be fighting all the time.  There were two sides to this story, so I will share what they told me.

Nani was feeling sad.  She told me that she loved Leo but that he aggravated her.  One of the most important things that she stressed with me is that she didn't like a cleaner that her mother was using.  I could not tell if it was a person who was cleaning or a type of cleaning product.  Either of these things could cause a change in personality in a cat.

Leo told me he was wishing his mother was at home more.  He was feeling lonely.  He told me that his job was to entertain Nani but she was so distant and grumpy.  I asked Leo why they were fighting and he told me it was to get attention from their mother. 

I did healing work on both cats to help them to feel more at ease.  After sharing the communication with their mom she realized that she did need to spend more time with them.  A few weeks later she reported to me that they were doing much better. 

People think that cats are aloof and don't need a lot of attention.  It is my experience that even if a cat acts aloof it still loves attention and human companionship. 
Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is my sister Cyndi's dog, Molly, what a great face for this blog post!
The very first time I practiced focused animal communication was about five years ago.  The dog belonged to an acquaintance of mine, but I didn't know him.  I don't even remember his name.  Taking a deep breath I looked at the pup and said, what do you want to tell me.  The dog said, "I want bacon for breakfast." It was crystal clear.

So I walked up to his owner and said, "Do you eat bacon?"  She told me that every Sunday morning she makes bacon for her husband and two sons.  I told her that it would really make her dog happy if she would share some with him.  Have you ever seen a dog smile?  I did that day.
Thursday, September 16, 2010
A few days ago my granddaughter, Lauren, came to visit. She wanted to create a float. After putting on my thinking cap I turned a basket upside down on a tricycle. Then we picked some hydrangeas and gathered other fancy decorations to make it fancy. Simon, our cat, watched closely. 

He and Lauren have history.  We adopted him from Lauren's parents before she was born.  He is very patient with Lauren who carries him around like a rag doll.  I often communicate with Simon how grateful I am that he is so good with Lauren.  Simon tells me that he knew Lauren before she was ever born.

So, once we got into action I asked Simon if he would like to ride on the float.  He seemed thrilled to be the star of the parade.  We wheeled him up and down the driveway.  He loved being the center of attention, but then that is his personality.  He is one extraordinary cat.

Here is a photo of the finished float with Lauren and Lily, my granddog.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Cassie was a little bit shy, but she said she would talk to me.  Her mom's greatest concern was that Cassie is horribly afraid of thunderstorms.  This is a common problem with many dogs.  Cassie told me that she is not scared of storms, but that the currents in a storm seem to go right through her body.  She said it makes her feel really strange.  I often wonder if it has to do with the electromagnetics of a storm.  I sent in my healing fairy guide in the hopes that she would help to reset whatever it is in Cassie that makes her feel so strange. 

Her mom also told me that Cassie jumps up on people and it really hurts.  I told Cassie about her mother's concern about her jumping up.  She is grateful her parents are so patient with her.  She told me her favorite food was chicken - the real thing!

A few days later Cassie's mom called me to say the day I communicated with her that she did not jump up when she got home.  Secondly, Cassie got up on the counter and took the remains of a roasted chicken and ate the whole thing! 

A few weeks after my communication with Cassie I met her in person.  She is a beautiful girl...inside and out.  I hope she is doing better.
Friday, September 10, 2010
When I asked Peachy if he had any pain he told me that the top of my back nearer to my head is quite sensitive.  He says he freaks out when he gets his nails clipped because he has been hurt before having this done.  His mom wanted me to reassure him that she would not hurt him.  He shared with me that he is the smartest of his cat family.

When I asked Peaches if he had anything he wanted to tell his person he said, "You are extraordinary. You are different from so many other humans. You love me and I love you. We have a bond like no other". 
Here is some of what his mom had to say... 

Any doubts I may have had about you are gone. Peaches and I have a bond that is like nothing I have ever had with another animal. (My love of cats started 40 years ago when I used to steal the neighbor's cats and cart them home in my bicycle basket)

There is a place on his back that is sensitive.

Peaches is not smart at all but I always tell him him "you are such a smart boy" because I don't want him to have an inferiority complex. He must believe what I tell him.

Most of your communications with him was very accurate but there were a couple that I think are off. They may be accurate from Peaches viewpoint, though.  Peaches is a neutered boy but I assume sex is not always clear for you. He is a "sissy" so maybe he was giving you girl vibes.  I thought I would let you know how accurate you were with him.

Thanks to both of you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
One Monday morning in April 2007 my beloved cat, Stella, disappeared. We were getting ready to move out of the city to a home on an acre of land.  I came to believe that Stella didn't want to move.   She was the most amazing cat.  Stella was quirky too.  She loved ham, did tricks if we snapped our fingers and would actually hug me when I held her.  Stella tolerated her two brothers, Simon and McCavity.

I did everything I could do to find her.  What I felt in my heart was that she was taken by the garbage men.  We had placed many items that we did not want to move the night before.  Stella accidentally got out (and she did not like out) and was hiding in the things at the curb. 

The whole family was heartbroken and I couldn't speak about Stella without being tearful. 

The following October my friend, Carolyn, and I were walking on a very windy day in my new neighborhood.  I began to hear something in the woods and it just got louder.  It was meowing.  Suddenly out from the undergrowth a calico kitten emerged.  She ran straight up my leg and into my arms.  Carolyn remarked that this was my Stella.  How could it be?  This cat was perfectly happy for me to carry her a mile home wrapped in my tee shirt.  We took her photo and made fliers.  Nobody called. This kitten was about five months old and it had been about six since Stella's disappearance. 

I named her Weenie because she was orange and black and it was nearly HalloWEEN.   As it turns out Weenie it very much my cat.  She is very quirky, likes ham and runs to the other end of the house if the garbage man or any strange man comes near the house.  Weenie only tolerates her two brothers, Simon and McCavity.  She doesn't do tricks but she does flop over on her back when I sing to her.  Guess who else used to do the same thing? 

I do believe that the souls of our animals will find their way back to us if it is meant to be. 

Friday, September 3, 2010
Last winter a call came in from a ‘private caller'.  Usually I do not answer these calls because they often phone spam.  For some reason I decided to answer this call.  The caller asked if I did energy healing. I was leery, but told him yes.  I could tell that it was an international call because of a subtle delay in the transmission. 

He asked if I saw auras, or what type of healing did I do?  I became really suspicious then and asked for more information about him.  He told me his name was Pradush and he lived in Tibet.  My phone number had come to him two times in meditation and he felt it was important to contact me. 

He said that he didn't want anything.  He just wanted to tell me that I was doing good work for the world and that this year was going to be a transformational year for me.  Was he talking about the animal communication I'm now doing?  I wonder?  

I will be eternally grateful for that mysterious call that came late one evening last winter.
Bob was the last animal I spoke to on my visit to Wu-Wei Farm.  She gets a blog that is totally dedicated to her.  She patiently waited her turn but several times she made it known that she really wanted to communicate with me.  Bob is quite old.  She walks with a limp due to a broken hip.  Her sight and hearing isn't great either.

The first thing Bob told me is, "They think I don't have all my senses, but they are better now than they have ever been.  You know why?  I'm closer to heaven now."  She told me that her parents would know when it was time to go, but not yet.  She has it too good right where she is.  She would like some ice cream.  She is here to teach her dad to appreciate the cycles of life.

And..."Oh, sorry about peeing on the floor." 

This week I had the opportunity to visit a farm outside of Mannford, Oklahoma.  I met the owner on Facebook and felt like I had always known him.  One day I commented on his dog, Inez's photo on Facebook.  This is how the visit to the farm was born.  Inez is one of three rescued dogs.  She is really happy that her dad is doing the meat thing.  Her dad told me that he had recently started making sausage. 

Evidently before she was rescued a bully restrained her.  She gets very nervous if someone tries to hold her too closely.  Inez told me that she will never let this happen again.  Inez knows how to establish healthy boundaries.  She also has a very strong sense people with whom she is safe.

 Not only did I talk to Inez but also visited with several other interesting characters.  I met four horses, but the horse named George is the one who paid special attention to me.  The first thing I heard him say was, "I'm the needy one."  I laughed and turned my back to him.  This resulted in George giving me a massage with his muzzle starting at my calves and working right up to the top of the my head.  Thank you, George, for the gift.

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