Sunday, August 1, 2010
Meet Toby.  His parents wanted to know where he came from as well as anything else I could find out.  I met Toby in person several months back.  When I spoke to him remotely he reminded me of this.  Silly me!   

When I asked Toby about his home he reminded me again that I've seen it before and it is a mansion.  He told me that he's treated like royalty.  His mother confirmed this saying that several people who worked in the home cater to his every need. When I asked him what his job was and he told me it was to keep the home free of insects and that they were some of his favorite foods.  Again, this was confirmed by his parents. 
I asked Toby where he came from and he said he was brought there by a car and that his previous owners could not keep him.  They also knew exactly where they were dropping him off and that he would be well taken care of.  I also asked him when he was born and he said in cold times...winter before last. 

Toby brings joy, not only to his parents, but to all the people who work around the mansion.  His animal siblings like him too. 


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