Friday, April 13, 2012
When I first looked at this guy I thought of Jimmy Durante.  Am I aging myself?  He was recently adopted by a lovely family in OKC.  His new Mom wanted to know what he wanted to be called.  When I asked him his name he told me "Chuck".  They decided to call him Chuck Norris. 

Of course, they wondered where he came from and he told me that he lived near water and there were others with him.  He considers himself very lucky because he showed up at the right time and the right place.  He's not picky about food because he had some hungry days. 

Chuck told me that he is going to bring a new energy into his new family's home.  He likes to talk and please don't think that he is a sissy.  He's not!  This face just makes me smile. 
Thursday, April 5, 2012
Last night I went in to brush my teeth and there was a 'giant mosquito', the name that most people give them, going crazy.  He was trying to land on the lights...too hot.  He worked at landing on the go.  He was frantic!  I wondered with my animal communication mind if he could hear me.  I told him that if he would fly to my hand I would escort him outside. 

Now mind you, I'm brushing my teeth with my Sonicare and holding up my other hand.  I telepathically told him that he was safe with me.  In less than a minute the Cranefly flew into my palm.  I kept my promise and off he went.   

When I left the bathroom I walked out and said to my husband that I wish there had been a film crew in the bathroom just now because what happened seemed totally impossible.  However, I subscribe to the belief that there are 'infinite possibilities'.  

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