Friday, August 20, 2010
I first met Vincent at his home out in the country.  I took his photograph and then his mom requested that I communicate with him.  Before I picked up his photo I heard him say, "I was named after Vincent Van Gogh, you know!"  Part of Vincent's ear is missing but I had not put two + two together.  (I'm a little slow sometimes.) 

Vincent was adopted by his wonderful parents and he is so grateful.  This came through loud and clear in the communication.  He said things like...I have it made you know...You changed my life...You saved my life...I owe you my life.  (This brought a few tears.) 

When I asked Vincent if he had a job he said, "Watchdog, lover, smile giver and Happy Camper.  I also asked Vincent what happened to him in the past.  He said, "I was a victim of child abuse. You don’t need to know all the details. It is part of my past and it’s the PAST." (very adamantly)

One thing for sure, Vincent has it made now.  We all dream of a happy ending. 


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