Thursday, November 20, 2008

Precious grandchildren!

I was supposed to go to a workshop last Wednesday, 11/12, in Georgia. My flight on Wednesday was cancelled due to engine trouble. I could not make my connections into Augusta on that day so I postponed my trip until the following day. I accepted that I would be late for the workshop but felt positive that it would be OK.

On Thursday I got as far as Dallas. I was waiting for my Atlanta connection when the an extremely loud siren alerted everyone to exit the airport. Terminal D was evacuated for a security breach. This evacuation included everyone...even the shoe shine person. We were all outside of the terminal for at least an hour then stood in the security line for another hour. Everyone had to go back through Security, even the airport personnel. Many of you know what security is like these days. Once again, due to all the delays, I could not make it to my final destination. I took this as a 'sign' that I was not supposed to go at all and returned back to Tulsa. My suitcase finally made it home on Sunday afternoon.

I emailed my friends and clients and received the following email from a friend the next day. She gave me permission to post it because she said her life has been very humorous. Here goes...

The “signs” on your trip make me laugh at one of the biggest signs I ignored earlier in life. When I was first engaged at 18 I broke my ring finger right after he proposed. (I’d never broken a bone before.) When I went to pick up my wedding dress it had been altered two sizes too small. The day of the wedding a monsoon hit that delayed me being able to get to the church on time. Once I got there the dressing room flooded so I had to stand on a table to get dressed. Before walking down the aisle my dad kept telling me we could turn around and walk out the door. At the reception my dress caught on fire while posing for pictures by the cake and candles. The following morning when we got to the airport to leave for our honeymoon we presented our tickets to the steward and were told there was no such flight, so we had to purchase another ticket. Then our honeymoon was cut short because a hurricane was on its way.

I know that this friend is paying much closer attention to her life now.

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