Friday, January 20, 2012
I communicated with Bella in December of 2010.  His aunt bought a communication for her brother for Christmas.  At the time he was not impressed.  Recently she called me to say that she wanted to validate that what was communicated did come true, but in the future.  Oh my! Here is part of the reading. 

Tell me about your home. Wood floors.  It’s an older house and my dad has done a lot of work on it.  I’m very proud of it.
What is your favorite color?  Pink
What is your favorite thing to do?  I love to go on walks.  I’m a proud prance.  You should see me.   
  Is there anything you would like to tell your person?  We make a great team.  I have fun with you are you are funny.  I love it when you laugh.
Do you have a job?  What is it?  I am the calming effect in around our house.  Even when I’m being silly I can still calm my dad down.
 Is there anything you would like to change in your home?  The more sunlight the better for me.
Why are you here for your person?  I’m here to let dad experience true love.  He hasn’t had much true love in his lifetime.
Is there anything else your person can do for you? Just keep on loving me, but I know you will.
Where do you like to sleep?  In dad’s lap and in my bed.  
What do you think of other animals of your species?  I like to talk to them but I’m fine being an only dog.   

The following is the email about the reading over a year later.

Well, back in December 2010 the details in this reading had not yet taken place. My brother separated from his wife in July 2011 and now lives in an older place with hard wood floors. When he was still in his other house, he and his wife had several other pets (3 other dogs and 2 cats). But Bella was always Dean's special dog. Of course he took her with him when he moved and now she is the only pet in the house.

Bella absolutely LOVES her walks and goes everywhere with my brother, even to work! And he is always telling me what a calming effect she has on him when he gets upset or depressed.

Just wanted to let you know the accuracy of your reading for Bella. Thank you for doing what you do and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Early on the morning of my birthday, January 2, I looked out my window and cutest little dog was in my backyard.  He was very scruffy and hungry but just so adorable.  I was leaving shortly to go out to a birthday lunch date but when I returned he was sitting on the front porch waiting for me.  My granddaughter, Lauren, was with me and we made 'Found' posters and hung them around the neighborhood.  I also posted him on Craigslist and Tulsa Pets.

He was the best behaved guy.  My husband made him a bed in the garage but that night was supposed to be bitterly cold.  I invited him in and told him that I knew he would behave.  He was so great with my cats, ignoring them completely!  He jumped up in a chair in front of the fire and fell asleep.  I told him he could stay inside and sleep there, but he needed to stay put. 

When I got up the next morning he was still fast asleep in the chair.  It was then that I told him that he could stay with me until I either found his owner or until I found a good person to adopt him.  My son fell in love with him at first sight. 

That day I had errands to run and I took him with me.  He was great in the car too.  When we got home that afternoon the phone was ringing.  It was Sonny's mom calling.  She saw our posters and was so happy that we had him.  He was thrilled to see her again too. 

Thinking back on Sonny I know that he knew where to go for help.  And for me it was a wonderful birthday gift to have him for a couple of days.

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