Saturday, August 6, 2011
Jake is now in heaven and he told me that it was the ultimate Dog Dish and that the best thing in heaven was the love.  He said that heaven loves you back.  He also told me that it was time for him to go when he left.  He wanted his mom to never doubt that she did the right thing.  

When I asked Jake who met him I thought I heard 'John' and then corrected it to 'Juan'. 
Here is an email from his mother after the communication. 

"Hey Pam, Thank you very much. You answered a few questions I had – just what I was looking for. And I have to tell you – I believe the "Juan" that met Jake when he arrived is my friend John Gunn who everyone called "Juan Pistolas".

He was a friend of mine when I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1984-1987. He died in a plane crash in 1989 in Mexico while flying up in the Sierra Madres as a medical doctor to indigenous people.

Nice to know they've met. "Juan" loved animals. Thank you again!"

Happy times, Jake and Juan!!
...reporting in from across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Is there anything more beautiful or majestic than a Standard Poodle?  This communication helped Champ's mother to heal.  She was feeling very guilty about Champ's passing.  He knew that he was his mom's favorite and that she struggled with her decisions about him. 

He told me that in his next life here on earth he was going to have a very important job.  It would probably be as a service dog.  He told that he was going to help the world.  He also said that he was a more evolved soul and that is why he would hold such an important position next time. 

Champ, we will welcome you back as you are needed badly in this world right now!
I met Macey a few years ago at the Williams House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs, AR.  Macey had to remind me that we have met before.  Oops!

Macey told me that her back closer to her hips ached.  Her mom told me that she was urinated on the bed as well as some furniture.  My first thought was a bladder or kidney problem and I suggested that she take Macey to the vet.  Problem solved!  After medication she is feeling much better.

Recently Macey moved to South Carolina and her mom tells me loves watching all the wildlife from the many perches in her new home.

I just love it when I find out how to help an animal's health.  Milo told me his mom was worried about him.  She doesn't want her to worry.  (Most animals really wish their parents wouldn't worry about them.) 

As I was communicating with Milo my ears and jaw felt uncomfortable.  After Milo's mom took her to the vet it was discovered that she had a yeast infection in her ears. 

Milo also told me that she likes to ride in the car but in my mind's eye I could see her 'ducking' as if she were going to be hit by a vehicle.  Come to find out, she was hit by a car several years ago.  I need to remember to keep trusting what I see, hear or feel.  Thanks Milo!  

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