Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This video is really popular right now about a dog named Spot.  When I watched it I felt sad and thought...'wait a minute'.  Let's talk to Spot.  I want to say I was surprised by what Spot had to say, but when I think about it, I really wasn't.  This is what he said.

"I knew you wanted to communicate with me.

I love getting the media attention. My dad is prompting me from heaven. He is right here beside me. We are showing the world how enlightened animals really are. We make a great team. I’m one of the world’s great teachers. My dad's spirit is very much alive and the media is letting our story live on. I don’t need to go back home.

Thank you for checking on me. I’m not sad. I am here for a very important purpose!!

Out of the telepathic thoughts of dogs! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
This is my granddaughter, Lauren, kissing Jill the dolphin on her recent trip to the Bahamas.  Notice that they both have their eyes closed.  I was eager to communicate with this beautiful marine mammal. 

1.  Would you talk to me?  Yes, as a matter of fact, I would. 

2.  Describe your home. Busy all the time.  Clear, clean water except for all the children who pee in here (and some adults).  They don't know that I know what they are doing.  I have a sixth sense, you know. 

3.  What is your favorite food?  Little fresh fish

4.  What is your favorite thing to do?  My favorite thing is to connect with children like your Lauren.  Once these evolved beings come in contact with me they are forever changed.  They were put on the earth for the same reason I was.  Lauren will go out and connect with others on a heart level too. 

5.  Do you have any pain?  Only when I engage with a sad soul.  I am empathic.

6.  Do you have a job?  To bring joy and healing to the world.  That is why all dolphins are here.

7.  What can you tell me about Lauren? This little girl has a huge purpose on this planet.  She is going to go where I can't go.  You will help her to get there.

Thank you, Jill!  Do you think I may have a potential animal communicator in my family?  Grammy is smiling. 
Monday, November 8, 2010
This is the face of a very wonderful dog, a Giant Schnauzer, who draws a crowd wherever he goes.  He's seems to make people feel better by just being in his presence.  His mother brought him to the Garden Deva party on Saturday and he was so happy.  He told me it was an important and fun day for him. 

His favorite thing to do is to go on walks.  Iggy is made for walks.  His job is to make his mom laugh.  He is here to teach his mom to trust.  She trusts Iggy and this used to be an issue for her.  Iggy has helped his mother to heal. 

Iggy told me that he has been with his mom before...many years ago.  When I suggested this to her she felt that it was true.  What a great guy.  Wish the whole world could have an Iggy. 
Friday, November 5, 2010
I will be back soon with more of my animal stories, but I was contacted this week by a woman whose story was so moving.  She gave me permission to share her story with you.  I believe there are no coincidences or mistakes!

I enjoy getting your emails and Facebook postings. Love hearing all the dog stories. I have a wonderful dog story about my toy poodle Angel. She showed up in my life (with that name!) August 2009. My mother brought her to me from Paws and Claws Rescue in Arkansas after I had been waiting about nine months.

I was suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis (undiagnosed at the time) while taking care of my husband who was failing from ALS (Lou Gehrig's) and while working full time from home. I wanted a little doggie to bring joy to our lives. And then here comes Angel, bringing blessings abundant. Shortly after her entrance, my husband was proclaimed to be free of ALS, (per doctors "it's a mystery, be grateful and work hard and you may regain your mobility"); I was diagnosed and placed on medicines that really help, and our wee Angel settled perfectly into our home and family.

The capstone info on this story is that we named our home Angelscape (1994) - "a place where Angels can escape" and wouldn't you know that we got our "escaped" Angel at last.  God certainly has a sense of humor and He takes care of all of us in such unexpected and wonderful ways.

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