Wednesday, August 4, 2010
When I communicate with an animal I always ask it about its food.  I will write many more blogs about this, but this came in from Toby's owner this morning and it's too good to not share right now!!  Here's Toby.  He's the oldest of a three dog family.  (Hey, this means my client could have a Three Dog Night in the winter!)  Anyhow, I regress.  Read the email below from Toby's mom.

Pam, I just have to share this with you.

I read all 3 conversations to a friend of mine right after you had talked with each of my dogs. Of course Toby's request for vegetable soup with beef rallied a good laugh! Not long after she had heard this tale I happen to be at her house and she had made vegetable soup with beef. We again laughed about it and she insisted I take some home for Toby. This little old man did a jig in the kitchen when I told him Becky had given him some of this soup, he devoured his meal and has been lovingly sitting with me on the couch nightly, which is rather unusual and which I feel is a sign of gratitude. There was enough soup for him to have multiple meals and we shared it with the other two.

Everyone is so happy. Now I have made my own version of his vegetable soup with beef and will continue to give him his healthy meal additive!  Last night when I was making the large pot of "vegetable soup with beef", Toby laid on the kitchen floor the entire time. I can't remember a time before when he so patiently layed on the floor while I was cooking. I had told him I was making his soup you see so guess he thought it wise to watch the process! 

I could go on more about what I have noticed about my animals from the conversations you had with them, but will save it for another day. The soup story is the best!!


Natasha Hazlett said...

That is SUCH a cute story! Wow! Let me know if you're in Idaho, I've got a 130 pound Newf that has a lot to say :)

Pam Case said...

Hi Natasha, I don't have to be in Idaho. I work remotely using a photograph. Go to my website - I would love to talk to your little Newfy. Pam

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