Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Many of you use Feng Shui and recently I have been observing many interesting happenings at our house in the South sector. As some of you already know, the South is a challenging area in 2008. The 5 Star, also called the Tragedy Star, resides there this year. It is also the direction of the San Sha, another negative influence. Our home does not have the important areas in the South such as entrances or bedrooms. Our master bathroom and the guest room upstairs are in the South.
Outside in the South area, a huge limb that held a small swing broke. A young fruit tree in the same direction is not doing well. The fusebox for the upstairs air conditioner in the South area, died and had to be replaced last month. Just this weekend the outlets in our master bathroom stopped working. I have attached a photo of the limb and the fruit tree that is in the South Sector of our property.

Recently I heard from one of my clients that last year when this energy was visiting in the West and Northwest sector, her husband fell from a ladder while trimming trees and had severe injuries. It is not recommended to 'move earth, make renovations or construction' in the South sector this year. I am sending this as a 'reminder' in case you have forgotten about your Feng Shui updates. The incidents that have happened at our home are with the remedies in place and my 'knowing' about this energy. My experience from the past and client feedback help me to pay closer attention.

Lauren and Lily, my granddaughter and grand dog, came over for the morning. Lily the dog was coughing when she got here. Lauren and I went to harvest in the garden and Lily came with us. Lily coughed. She either had allergies or something stuck in her throat. Whatever it was the cough was very persistent. We came inside to play and Lily coughed.

About 2 hours later Lauren and I went into my office. Lily followed us as she always does and continued coughing. I have a display board that is full of pendulums that I sell in my workshops and some more on the floor. Lauren loves to organize and play with them. I picked up a pendulum and told Lauren that I was going to ‘clear’ Lily and maybe it would help her cough. Lauren picked up a pendulum and did the same thing. I spoke in 3 year old terminology while I cleared. Lauren cleared along with me.

Lily watched us and made some funny throat noises as we cleared. Lily never coughed again while she was here. About an hour later I realized that the cough had stopped and brought it to Lauren’s attention. I talked about how it was a miracle. It was a happy moment as you can only imagine.

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