Friday, December 9, 2011
Seamus and Beau

Recently I communicated with Beau at his home. At that time he was in pain and his mothers weren't sure what they needed to do. Since that time they made the decision to send Beau across the Rainbow Bridge. After I communicated with Beau, I was asked to talk to Seamus who was already in Heaven. Seamus told me that I felt his essence when I was at his home recently. He said he was guiding Echo, the newest addition to their family, an 18 month old Great Dane.

When I asked Seamus to describe his surroundings he told me he was running in the tall grass. (It looked like wheat to me.) He told me that John met him on the Other Side. I could tell that John was an animal lover and he had grandfather energy.

Shortly after my visit to their home, Beau's parents emailed me that they were going to send him across the Rainbow Bridge.   I suggested that they pay attention to see if they received any messages letting them know that he was OK. A few days later I received this email titled "A Message from Beau". 

Funny/happy coincidence:  on Saturday evening we did indeed get a message from Beau, and Seamus, too.  I wanted to tell you about it because it connects to something you and Seamus talked about.
In July, 2008, I took the dogs and went north to stay with our friend Bonnie and her dog Scruffy, who owned this property. We had sold our house in Moscow, ID, and would be leaving for OK at the end of the month. Cathy followed mid-month and we spent our last days in the Northwest here in the woods. The dogs LOVED it there. On the day we packed the car, Beau laid down inside the cartop carrier bag and let us know in no uncertain terms that the craziness (packing) needed to stop because he had no intention of going anywhere. we often talked about finding a way to spend a month there every summer, and were quite sad when Bonnie sold the her place and moved into Spokane.
Bonnie called on Saturday night, just to check in. We haven't talked since the summer. I told her about Beau, and also about Seamus hanging out in the tall grass with John. Cathy and I were always sure that what you saw wasn't wheat, but instead the tall grass at Bonnie's -you can't see it in the pictures for the snow, but it was there in the summer.  I didn't have to tell Bonnie that ... I said "Pam said wheat" and B interrupted me:  no, that's in the woods.

She also reminded us who John is. He and his family lived across the road from Bonnie. He LOVED our boys, and we visited over at his property (more tall grassy areas) often when we went up to Bonnie's and during that month in 2008. He had had Great Danes in his earlier life farming in Scotland, and had two younger Danes when we met him.  John died a week before Christmas, 2008. I had forgotten about that, and their special bond, but Cathy and Bonnie both remember it vividly. I wonder if he and Seamus also knew each other from before sometime.

So, we know where they are:  in the woods in North Idaho. That image helped me be ready to take up his bed in our bedroom, because I also know where he'll be when he comes to visit us now.
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Emily and Sir Butterscotch
When I was contacted to communicate with a rabbit I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  This was my first bunny and his name was Sir Butterscotch.  What I discovered was that he was very forthcoming and one of the most important things he told me was that he was lonely and wanted a girlfriend.  He also told me that his house was very white.  His favorite foods were raisins and fresh greens.  He tattled on his owner telling me that she was a very scheduled and detailed person. 

What I discovered after the communication was that his mother had recently taken him to meet some new friends.  She gave me the names of three of them and Emily was the one that Butterscotch liked the most.  She was very happy about this because they seemed to get along from the start.  Plans are being made to get these two together for always.   Sigh...

His mother also told me that most of their house was white. She confessed to being very scheduled and gave Butterscotch his fresh greens at the same time daily.  She was surprised to hear about raisins and had never given him any.  After a trip to Trader Joe's she came home with some organic raisins.  Guess what?  He loved them!   

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Last Saturday, A1 Pet Emporium asked me to participate in their Wag-o-Ween event in Oklahoma City.  Bella came to see me and I was moved and honored to communicate with her.  As usual I didn't know anything about her but the first thing she told me was that she gets disoriented easily.  Bella was ok with this but she knows her mom worries.  Bella told me that her brain wiring was different.  She likes soft food best and she likes to go on outings with her mom. 

When I asked her if she had a job she told me that she wasn't given a lot of responsibility but she did bring her family a lot of joy. 

Her owner then told me that I was 'right on'.  And then I watched as this precious dog danced around the room we were in.  Bella's mom told me that she suspected that Bella was a puppy mill dog and when she was born she evidently didn't get enough oxygen or had some type of brain injury.  This was not realized until she was a little older.  Bella also has to take seizure medicine.  She's 9 year old.

The most amazing thing to be is that even though she is a 'special needs' animal she still knows who she is.  One thing for sure...I will never forget her either.  
Thursday, October 13, 2011
When I do animal communication I always ask for the pet to tell me about their home.  Wiggles said, "We have a lovely home.  There are pretty trees around us. Inside smells like cinnamon and sometimes like soup cooking.  I love that!  Momma makes everything so wonderful.  You would like my home." 

After I communicated with Wiggles his Mom asked some questions.  She told me that someone had died and wondered if Wiggles missed her.  Wiggles told me that he visited with her spirit all the time and that he didn't miss her.  He also told me that this person left signs that his mom should notice.   Come to find out this person who died was Wiggles' human grandmother.  Below is the last email I received from Wiggles' mom. 

Thank you for the insightful readings.  You have helped me understand this nice little dog.  My mom died in June and I often wonder if Wiggles noticed because he stayed right by her side whenever I left the house.   By the way, my mom kept cinnamon sticks and would chew on them to help her not smoke.  She was nicknamed the Soup Lady because she cooked soups for everyone.
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Meet Shaq, Liberty and Baron.  Their parents contacted me because of some recent behaviors.  This is a photo of one of their dog beds.  It used to look like the one at the top of the photo.
Their parents had a video camera and all three of the rascals participated in this destruction.  Baron has been with them the longest and when I communicated with him he declared his innocence.  In the words of Scooby Doo, Ruh Roh, Baron was caught on camera as the instigator of the act. 

What I discovered in my communication about the above crime is that these guys are used to a finely tuned schedule and if this changes, they act out.  That weekend their parents were gone more than usual and we can see the results.

It is interesting how each of the labs has their own unique personality.  Shaq, the youngest of the three, told me that he was hit by a car and should have really been hurt but that he escaped with no injuries.  Shaq used to be a 'tied up' dog and he came to his new family during an ice storm.  He had icicles hanging from his fur.  They returned him to his original owners, but he returned to his new family again.  He told me he was with the wrong people before.  With his new mom and dad he is here to have fun. 

Liberty is the only female and she is full of energy.  She chews loudly on her plastic dog bone.  She tells me that she does this so that she can be heard.  I suggested that due to her tightly wound nervous system that she might benefit from agility training. 
Liberty admitted that they all participated in the dog bed destruction. 

Baron is his momma's boy for sure. She melts in his presence.  He tells me that he has the biggest heart in the world.  His dad asked me to ask him what time he gets up in the morning and Baron said, "When I want to!"  He likes the oils his parents put on his food.  His mom asked me who picked whom?  Baron told me that he chose her and his mom confirmed it.  He also quietly told me that he was the 'favorite'.  Shhhhh...don't tell anyone! 

My observation was that Baron, Liberty and Shaq were well-behaved and made a great team.  I think it is healthy for their parents to have a surprise every once in a while.  Keeps them in line.  And something else...will an animal tell a lie?  Hum...I will let you decide. 
Artie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early September.  He was adopted in 2009 when his Mom, a volunteer at a shelter, brought him home for a break from the shelter but could never take him back.  He had fight scars and so many old injuries that he was deemed unadoptable at the shelter.  His new mom signed the papers to make him theirs.  Artie didn't like men very much but he absolutely loved his new dad. 

Artie's mom felt guilty because they didn't know he was in pain until so close to the end.  His doctor said that his injuries were old and could no longer compensate with his muscles.  His mom decided to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

I waited a few days to communicate with Artie, but as soon as I did he said, "I'm more alive now that I was before."  He doesn't want his mom to feel guilty and he knows how much she loves him.  He told me he went to meet a best friend cat and Grandpa Ed.  He also said that he would return to his owner very soon.  The new dog (him) is going to come right up to her and she is going to know.  Artie gave a huge hint.  "Give yourself ME for Christmas!"

Mr. Chips was taken into custody by the Pet Adoption League in Tulsa.  His foster mother contacted me because he had terrible separation anxiety and a number of other challenges.  When I asked him what his favorite food was, he told me wheatberry cereal with meat.  His foster told me that his previous owners gave him fast food hamburgers. 

When I asked him about his anxiety he told me that it came on so a wave.  He didn't understand it either.  He also told me he was here right now to help his foster mother prioritize and set boundaries. 

A month or so later I received a call to tell me that Mr. Chips has found a home with an elderly, but very fit and well-to-do gentleman in Stillwater.  His new dad is unbelievable happy with his new side kick.  They run around in the car together as well as enjoy long walks.  I think that Mr. Chips' new dad with have separation anxiety if he is not around. 

Sometimes we have a wait a bit for our ship to come in.  We all dream of a happy ending.
Saturday, August 6, 2011
Jake is now in heaven and he told me that it was the ultimate Dog Dish and that the best thing in heaven was the love.  He said that heaven loves you back.  He also told me that it was time for him to go when he left.  He wanted his mom to never doubt that she did the right thing.  

When I asked Jake who met him I thought I heard 'John' and then corrected it to 'Juan'. 
Here is an email from his mother after the communication. 

"Hey Pam, Thank you very much. You answered a few questions I had – just what I was looking for. And I have to tell you – I believe the "Juan" that met Jake when he arrived is my friend John Gunn who everyone called "Juan Pistolas".

He was a friend of mine when I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1984-1987. He died in a plane crash in 1989 in Mexico while flying up in the Sierra Madres as a medical doctor to indigenous people.

Nice to know they've met. "Juan" loved animals. Thank you again!"

Happy times, Jake and Juan!!
...reporting in from across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Is there anything more beautiful or majestic than a Standard Poodle?  This communication helped Champ's mother to heal.  She was feeling very guilty about Champ's passing.  He knew that he was his mom's favorite and that she struggled with her decisions about him. 

He told me that in his next life here on earth he was going to have a very important job.  It would probably be as a service dog.  He told that he was going to help the world.  He also said that he was a more evolved soul and that is why he would hold such an important position next time. 

Champ, we will welcome you back as you are needed badly in this world right now!
I met Macey a few years ago at the Williams House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs, AR.  Macey had to remind me that we have met before.  Oops!

Macey told me that her back closer to her hips ached.  Her mom told me that she was urinated on the bed as well as some furniture.  My first thought was a bladder or kidney problem and I suggested that she take Macey to the vet.  Problem solved!  After medication she is feeling much better.

Recently Macey moved to South Carolina and her mom tells me loves watching all the wildlife from the many perches in her new home.

I just love it when I find out how to help an animal's health.  Milo told me his mom was worried about him.  She doesn't want her to worry.  (Most animals really wish their parents wouldn't worry about them.) 

As I was communicating with Milo my ears and jaw felt uncomfortable.  After Milo's mom took her to the vet it was discovered that she had a yeast infection in her ears. 

Milo also told me that she likes to ride in the car but in my mind's eye I could see her 'ducking' as if she were going to be hit by a vehicle.  Come to find out, she was hit by a car several years ago.  I need to remember to keep trusting what I see, hear or feel.  Thanks Milo!  
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
This weekend I did animal communication and the Oklahoma Alliance for Animal's Rock and Rescue event.  This precious guy and his mom came to see me but his mom did not give me his stage name.  I didn't know I was communicating with a celebrity.
He told me that his Mom thinks about him all the time.  He loves it when she gives him raw chicken.  He also said that he has one window in his house that is his.  It's his watch spot

He has a few cat siblings and one is very important to him.  She's black.  Radar's mom told me that this cat is elderly and doesn't do much anymore.  Radar told me that they do much silent communication. 

When I asked this guy what his job was he said, "It's amazing and I help others."  It was then that his Mom told me that he was Radar, the Channel 6 Weather Dog.  She worries that she pushes him to hard.  I suggested that she trust her instincts on this.  Radar said he loves his job and raw chicken helps get rid of fatigue. 

The last thing Radar said was, "Curiosity killed the cat."  Radar's mom said that they say this to him all the time.  Radar, thanks for sitting on my foot for most of our chat.  I'm honored to meet you.
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
My nephew, Austin Gutgsell, is one of the greatest guys in the world.  He's a super golfer and plays for LSU.  This week he and his team played in the NCAA Championship in Stillwater, OK.  They didn't win, but we just had the best time with family.  We laughed, cried and enjoyed being in the moment. 

Thought you might enjoy some photographs.

Nephew Austin and Grandangel Lauren meeting for the 1st Time
Brother Greg and Yours Truly

LSU's John Peterson won the Individual NCAA Championship.  Geaux Tigers.
Austin will compete again next year.
My son, Matt, and I watching the LSU team finish
Sunday, May 22, 2011
Early Thursday morning I got a call from Drover's grandmother.  Drover was missing.  He escaped with another family dog, a deaf healer pup named Katie.   Drover is nine months old.  They were all afraid that Drover was injured.  I asked her not to tell me anything else so that it wouldn't 'color' any pictures I picked up telepathically.  All I wanted was a photograph of Drover. 

I felt a close connection with this dog maybe because we both have unusual eyes.  I could 'see' Drover in a wooded area.  He was not hurt, but he was scared, lost and very hungry.  I sensed that he was less than a mile from home. Drover told me that they wanted to do something fun. 

Calling Drover's Dad, I suggested things for him to do to get his baby boy home.  Drover and his Dad have an incredible connection.  I continued to talk to Drover and reassure him that help was on the way. 

Drover was found on Thursday evening.  He was less than a mile from home.  His Dad told me he was not hurt but he was holding up a paw pretending to be hurt.  He said he does this often for attention.  Drover was so excited to see all of them he played all night with their deaf healer, Katie. 

Once again, I love a happy ending.  Helping to find a lost animal is probably the most gratifying part of my work.
If I hear or see something three times in a short period of time, I pay attention. Last Tuesday Parker's photograph was posted by three different people on Facebook. He was missing and his owner was like any owner whose beloved pet has gone missing. Third time called for me to see if I could get in touch with Parker remotely.

When I tapped into the energy I could see an older home in my mind's eye. It had hardwood floors, exterior white paint with dark blue trim. I didn't think Parker was far from home. I sent Parker's Dad a message on Facebook explaining who I was and my findings.

On Thursday night I was invited to do the grand re-opening event for Lifestyles Boutique on Peoria in Brookside. The Humane Society was there and I was communicating with any animals that were adopted. I know and love the new owners, Bonnie and Randy Williams. While at the event Parker's Dad sought me out just to say thank you and that Parker was still missing. I encouraged him to continue his search and stay connected to his puppy.

Parker was found on Sunday after five days. He was one street over. And this is the email I received from Parker's Dad.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Parker is home today!!! He was at an older house (you saw it), with wooden floors (you called it), a white house (you saw it) and it had dark blue trim (you felt it)!!!!

Here is a photo of the house where Parker was found.  I love a happy ending!
Monday, May 16, 2011
"Year 2012 according to Sai Baba", 2010. Extract from a conversation between a reporter and the Social and Spiritual Reformer of India, Sathya Sai Baba.
Sai Baba almost never gives interviews, so this is very special...

Q: "Have you heard of the year 2012 like a year where something will happen?"

Sai Baba: The truth is that the planet has been changing its vibratory state, and this change has intensified since the year 1989 where the magnetic poles have moved the last 20 years more than the past 2000. Well, in one way there are several prophecies that signal this date like a term or important conclusion in the history of humanity, but the most significant is the end of the Mayan calendar, which prophecy has been interpreted in different ways.

The most negative ones think that during this year the world will end, but it will not be like that, it is known that during that year a new era will start, the Age of Aquarius.
This has to do with the rotation of the whole solar system (solar cycle) that goes passing through the different eras each one of them lasts 5125 years. The era in which we now are, called the Age of Pisces, started on the year 3113 B.C. and ends on 2012. If there is a change on the earth's magnetism, there is a change on the consciousness and also an adaptation at the physical level for this new vibration. The changes are not only on our planet, but also affect the whole universe, and today's science can verify that.

Inform yourself about the changes on the solar storms (that are magnetic storms) and you will see that scientists are up to date with these things, or ask about the movement of the magnetic poles during the last years, and airports having to modify their instruments. This change on the magnetism translates or it's perceived as an increment of light, or an increase on the planet's vibration. For you to understand it easily you must know that this vibration is affected and intensified due to the consciousness of all human beings. Each thought, each emotion, each new awakening of a human being towards the consciousness of God elevates the vibration of the planet. This might seem a paradox, due to the fact that the majority sees around themselves more hatred and misery, but this is not so.

There are many, even if I would like them to be more, that are trying to get out of darkness to grow and become a better Son of God. I have been saying this on previous messages, each one chooses where to focus the view, and those who only see the darkness are focused on the drama, the pain and the injustice. If you don't see the spiritual advancement that humanity has made it is because you haven't focused on it, but if you do the right work and liberate your mind of the negative you will open a space where you will be able to manifest your divine essence that will put on the focus of what is really happening with humanity and the planet.

Humanity is elevating its consciousness as never before.

Q: "But how!...Can't you see the darkness?"

Sai Baba: Yes, I see it, but I don't identify Myself with it, I'm not afraid of it...How can I fear darkness if I see such clear light?...Of course I understand those who fear, because I have also been standing where I could only see the evil. This is why now I feel love for all of that. Darkness it's not a force contrary to the light, it is absence of light. You cannot invade the light with darkness, that is not how the principle of light works. Fear, drama, injustice, hate and sadness only exist in states of darkness, because you can't see the global context in which your life develops, and the only way to see from the light when you are there is through faith. Once you have increased your vibration and frequency (state of consciousness) you will be able to see towards darkness and understand what you have lived.

Q: "But...How can You say this if there is more evil in the world everyday?"

Sai Baba: There is not more evil...there is "more light", and that is what I'm talking about on this message. Imagine that you have a room or warehouse where for years you have been storing your things and is lit by a 40 watt bulb. Change the bulb to a 100 watt and you will see what happens. You will see the mess and the dust you didn't think existed. The dirt will be clearer. This is what is happening, and this makes possible that a lot of people are reading this without thinking of it as foolish, like it could have been some years ago.
Have you noticed that today lies and deceit come to the surface faster than before?...Well, to access God's understanding and life's functioning is also faster than before.

This new vibration of the planet is what is making everyone nervous, depressed or sick, because to be able to receive more light and to rise to that vibrational level, people have to change physically as well as mentally, they have to change the way they think and feel, and delete or eradicate from their lives such beliefs or parameters that generally differ from reality or that take them towards the negative side of things.
You must put your warehouses in order, because each day you are receiving more light on your consciousness and even if you want to avoid it, you should start putting your hands on the project and start the cleaning o decide to live in the middle of the dirt.

This change creates physical discomforts, pains on the body, on the skeleton system and most of the time; the medical tests can't find the reason or illness that provokes it. Generally they relate it with stress or nervous states; nothing farther from the truth, because these discomforts are provoked due to negative emotions accumulated during our lives, fears and anxieties that you have carried with you always and that now have the opportunity to transcend and transmute. It's about that dust accumulated for years that you are now seeing, for it to be cleaned.

There will be nights when you will wake up and stay up for a few hours...don't alter yourself, read a book, watch TV, meditate, don't fight thinking there is something wrong with you, it's the new vibration of the planet that you're assimilating, you will go back to sleep and the next day you will not feel a need to sleep more. If you don't flow with this process properly, the pains will be more intense and you will be diagnosed fibromyalgia, which is a name that medicine has given to these pains that have no visible cause and for which they offer no treatment with concrete results, they only give you a prescription for antidepressants and this makes you escape the opportunity to change your life.

One more time you chose which reality you want to live, only this time the drama will be more intense and of course will be the love. If the Light is increased, also is the lack of need for it, this explains why there is so much irrational violence during the last years.
We are living the best time that humanity has ever lived, we will be witnesses and actors of the biggest transformation of consciousness that you have ever imagined.

Inform yourself; wake up your unrest for these subjects. Science know that something is happening; you know that something is happening; we all know that many changes are happening in many levels. Be a conscious actor of these changes and don't let them take you by surprise because you don't know what is happening.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
This morning I finally saw the turtle that has lived on our property for years.  Happy to see him, I ran in to get my camera.  When I went towards him I gently asked if I could take his picture.  He looked at me and the next thing I knew he was coming towards me.  He said  'yes'. 

Who says you can't communicate with a turtle?  He came so close that I had to back up with the lens that I was using.  This final shot is his closeup.   I thanked him and he went on his way.  What a gorgeous guy. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
This is Meeka.  She was surrendered to the Homeward Bound Pug Rescue in OKC.  While I try not to share images that make me feel sad, I was so moved by this little girl's face that I communicated with her.  Her previous owner said she was moving and that she couldn't keep her.  Enough said...this is what Meeka shared with me.

Before I began asking Meeka questions this phrase ran through my thoughts. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

1. Would you like to talk to me? Of course I would. You need to pass on some information for me.

2. Tell me about your home. I know it breaks your heart to look at me but my home was quite alright for a long time. I am a manifestation of what has gone on with my mother. She is not well. Please don’t judge her.

3. What is your favorite food? Pink fish

4. What is your favorite thing to do? To put my nose on the noses of those who love me. The world is waking up and I’m part of that. There will be many noses for me to touch in my future.

5. Do you feel any pain anywhere? I’m much better already and it is a mind over matter thing for me. I’m going to be OK.  (I did some healing work on Meeka.)
6. Do you like to ride in the car? As long as it is for pleasure.

7. Do you have a job? As you can sense and see, I’m here to wake the world up. The earthquake in Japan is to wake the world up. More and more are leaning compassion and forgiveness. That’s my job now. Please don’t feel sorry for me.

8. Is there anything you would like to change? I know that somebody is going to adopt me (and please don’t call it rescue!) and we will have a love affair until the end of days.

9. Where do you like to sleep? I like to sleep warm wherever I sleep. Heat makes me almost purr! I know I’m not a cat.

10. Is there anything you would like to tell me? Please just deliver my message. Tell the world to drop out of their heads and into their hearts. To know from the heart is truth.

11. Do you want me to donate money for you? Every little bit helps, but most of all, keep donating your gift.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
I was in Houston last week for the Rodeo.  I received a call from a client who had me communicate with her horse last year.  This time the news was that her beloved TC, kitty on the left, was missing.  Missing cats press my emotional buttons because I have had two go missing in the past few years.  I am a better communicator if I don't get emotionally involved.  In the same way, I am not a great communicator with my own animals.  So, back to TC.  TC's mother wanted to know if he was alive.  Sigh...

When I tapped into his energy the first thing he said was, "I'm hiding."  I asked him why and he said it was because he didn't feel well.  I also could sense that he was hiding up in a high place.  I gave my client some things to 'do' while she was frantically searching for her baby.  I also told TC that he needed to go home.  His mom and dad would take care of him.

Here is the email I received on the way home from the rodeo and a fabulous show by Rascal Flatts.  I was already feeling wonderful and here comes this email...

Oh my God.  He came home. You are wonderful. We both sat down after I sent the email to you and did our visualization. Then we checked the garage again as it has many high free standing shelves in it.  Then we went out in our back yard. It is heavily wooded and so we shined our flashlights up in the trees and all around any place high around our house. I called and called him and kept seeing my golden silk ribbon attached from my heart to his and asking him to come home. It would be okay and safe. Later we came back in and checked the garage again.

Then my husband went back out and looked around the back of the house again and I came in and started visualizing again.  Then just now George just came in with our big wonderful T.C. in his arms. Glory glory glory. After George put the ladder away he took one last look out the window of the back door of the garage and there sat T.C. about 5 feet away.

Well of course we are still crying and hugging him. He is just purring so loudly and I believe saying "Whew, I'm glad to be home". I totally believe your information saved him and brought him back to us. I was amazed that he had been gone for two days and his fur isn't dirty, he doesn't smell. I think he was hiding like you said but very close to home. It has been so cold the last two nights I really worried about him. We will check him over and watch his eating and pooping, etc. to see how he is feeling.

Oh my God. We are sooooo happy. Thank you Thank you Thank you so very very much. I can't tell you how happy we are. Bless his little heart.  Bless his heart, bless his heart.

For me, it just doesn't get any better than this! 
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Charlie Sheen has been sensationalized by the media recently.   Chinese Astrology always answers questions for me, and maybe it will help you to understand better too.  I also know that these are very unstable times for many and it leads to break downs, break throughs, break ups, break a parts or break into pieces. I have the gift of astrology that lets me know when energy is going to shift or peak or end.  I am always here to offer wisdom and encourage people that this too shall pass.

So, back to Charlie.  He has a very strong Chinese astrology chart.  He is a Yang Metal Monkey.  The nature of Yang Metal is someone who will stand up to injustice, and when in a period of energy that doesn't support can act like a  weapon.  This is exactly what is going on with Charlie Sheen right now.  He was born in a Monkey (metal) month as well.  He has another aspect about his chart that will cause him to feel restless.  It has to do with having all of his animals of the Chinese Zodiac that are associated with movement.  He will always be moving even when he is sitting still.  His mind will spin out of control.  On the flip side of this, he can move beautifully in a direction to help humanity.

Earth and metal are unfavorable elements for Charlie, and he is, unfortunately or fortunately, in a period of time of these two elements making his nature stronger.  Add to this the first six months of 2011 are also Metal element.  The second half of this year is Rabbit (wood) energy and favorable for him.  There is much going on in his chart that has a direct influence on his career and his children.  There is another aspect that hurts his father, Martin Sheen, and his money. 

My prediction is that Charlie will continue to act out for the next few months unless he gets so out of control that he crashes and burns.  He has an ongoing life theme of 'I can do it myself' so he is not inclined to reach out for help.  Let's just see where this Metal Monkey is going to take himself.  He has great potential, but I really don't see it showing up until later this year. 

By the way, if you are one of the many that feels like you are breaking down or breaking apart and want insight into your life, contact me.  It's my passion and it really is a gift. 
Saturday, February 26, 2011
Sleepy, a Survivor and Queen of the new Flock
Remember the bumper stickers WWJD?  I am replacing the J for Jesus with P for Pam.  If I want to be the change that I want to see, I have to put my initial here.  Behind this there is a story.

There is an irresponsible dog owner who lives down the street.  She owns two gorgeous Labrador Retrievers.  On January 2 the dogs grabbed one of our free-range chickens and killed it.  They were simply doing what labs do.  The dogs returned in a week and badly injured another one of our chickens.  They took the hen down to their house.  Their owner returned with the injured bird and promised that she would not let her dogs out until after 6 pm.  By that time our hens are up in their roost for the night so no worries.  We told her that we were going to figure out a way to better secure our flock.

We realized that we needed to fence the girls in because it wasn't safe for them to free range anymore. So several hundred dollars later with a new fence and safe yard for the chickens we felt better.  (Not to mention the vet bill for the injured Shelly!) 

A few weeks later I went out to buy some groceries for an upcoming blizzard. When I returned I found the lab inside the fenced area killing one of our girls, another was dead inside the coop and a third was missing.  I don't do this often, but I fell apart.  Then, I got so angry!!!

So, WWPD?  The old Pam would have marched down to the irresponsible dog owner's house and who knows what would have happened!  You can only imagine what I was thinking.  But, do you know what I did?  NOTHING   Here is the deal, I can't change any one's beliefs but my own.  I can be the responsible pet owner.  I can be the peaceful warrior.  If others lack integrity there is nothing I can do about it.  I have integrity.  Anger and violence don't solve problems.  Violence and anger don't give someone ethics and integrity.   

A few weeks ago we went out and bought five new chickens that are six months old.  We put an electric wire around their yard.  The two surviving chickens are doing well. Shelly, who was badly injured, has grown back her tail feathers even better than they were before. 

WWYD?  The Y stands for YOU. 

Recently I was talking to a friend about Chinese Astrology chart and I asked her to reflect back to 1999.  1999 was the year of the Rabbit and this is the year of the Rabbit.  1999 was monumental for me and I became very aware of the journey I have taken since then. 

It was in 1999 that I decided to seriously study Feng Shui.  This began with a trip to Monterrey Park, California to study at the American Feng Shui Institute.  I remember flying into LAX late in the evening excited, but not quite knowing how I was going to get to my final destination.  Needless to say, I made it and since that time there has been no looking back.  Later that year I returned to AFSI to take the advanced class. 

It was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida studying with Master Raymond Lo that I fell in love with Four Pillars of Destiny, Chinese Astrology.  I was covered in goose bumps as Raymond taught about famous people and their charts.  Through word of mouth and the internet I was then introduced to several of the other teachers who have enriched my life.

I have had the opportunity to study not only with Chinese masters, but also famous medical intuitives, dowsers and healers.  Since 1999 I have traveled to Los Angeles, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, Austin, St. Louis, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Seattle and Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I have returned to some of these cities several times.  Every journey brought me to where I am today. 

So I guess what I'm saying here is that 1999 was such a significant time for me.  As I speak with other friends and clients I realize it was very important for them as well.  I love what Steve Jobs, CEO and founder of Apple, said at a commencement speech at Stanford.   "Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college, but it was very, very clear looking backwards 10 years later.  Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something--your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever--because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path, and that will make all the difference". 

Can you connect the dots in your life?  I encourage you to do so.  Your reflection might amaze you!
Thursday, February 3, 2011
The Chinese calendar moves in 60-year cycles, meaning the world will experience similar events to those seen 60 years in the past.  The last Rabbit years were 1999, 1987, 1975 and 1963.  Think back.  What happened in your life then?  Reflecting on the past helps to connect the dots for your future.

In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is fourth in a cycle of 12 animals that represent each Chinese New Year, with the Year of the Rabbit falling between February 3, 2011 to January 22, 2012.  Today is the day to place your Feng Shui enhancements and remedies.  It is also the day to get your astrology updates if you are a believer. 

Looking at the elements, this is a year of metal sitting on top of wood.  These elements fight, so it will most likely be another year of weird weather patterns, natural disasters and wars.  Right now we have the severe unrest in Egypt and we are snowed in in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The Rabbit is an animal of romance, so this year there could be many unusual love relationships.  If you have a Horse as your Day Master in your Four Pillars Astrology chart, you could experience a break-up.  If you have a Dog, you could find love. 

You need a really good Chinese astrologer, like me, to help you see the potentials.  The Northwest is the best sector while the East is the most challenging sector of your home, office or country for that matter. 

So, this white girl who lives in the Heartland of the USA, wishes all of you a Very Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rabbit!  

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