Friday, October 12, 2012
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Little Jerry crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July.  The first thing I picked up was that his Mom's grief was palatable.  I did some healing work for her before I communicated with Little Jerry.      Then I heard the song, “When the red, red robin comes bobbing along".  Jerry's mom said she has heard that song a few times since he passed. 

Here is my communication with Little Jerry.  My comments are in blue. 

2.    Would you like to talk to me?  I’m OK, I’m OK!!

3.    Describe your surroundings.  There is carpet that can’t be destroyed by pee pee.  There is grass that is fragrant like catnip for dogs.  It is easy here and calm.  I’m still very close to you.

4.    Did you have any trouble getting to where you are?  No.  It was sudden and a bit shocking for Mom.  It is how I had to go.  It is the best way to go for everyone.  (I learned that Little Jerry was attacked at his front door by another dog and he died very quickly.)

5.    Is there anything you want to tell your Mom and Dad?  I know how much you miss me.  Your soul will mend when you get another pet.  It can be a cat or dog.  Just get one!  I can’t be replaced but I’m always with you…even to the very last day of your life!!

6.    Did you go home to meet someone?  Josie or Josephine??  Pappy was there too.
      (Little Jerry's mom had a son named Joseph who died before she got Little Jerry.  Jerry would always sit in Joseph's chair.) 

7.    Is there a memory that I can tell your Mom that will help her?  You loved the way I danced for certain treats.  You would laugh.  We always had fun.  (This made his Momma laugh.  So happy for that!)

8.    Are you going to go back to your parents?  Yes, in a short time too.  I won’t be here long this time.  I could even walk back in within this month.  Not exactly sure on the timing yet.  (Hope she goes out really soon to find a new pet.  This always helps the healing process.)

9.    What can they look for?  White feet.  When Mom sees the feet she will know that they are mine.  I will come right up to her. 

10.  Is there anything you want to tell me?  Mom has needed this.  She has been really fragile since I left. 
Communications like this confirm for me that there really is a Heaven.  Thank you, Little Jerry!
Friday, August 3, 2012
The first time I met Bear was in the back of his Mom's big SUV.  She was worried about Bear coming in to meet me.  Bear was very forthcoming with me.  Bear's Dad had been ill for quite some time.  Then, the next time I saw Bear he came into see me.  His Mom told him that he was going to see me and she said his whole demeanor changed. 

This week Bear's daddy died.  Mom called me quite worried because Bear was not eating and had lost significant weight.  This is what he told me.  "Dad's gone and I'm inconsolable right now.  I will come back to being me.  I need a little time.  Mom needs me to grieve with her.  We both need some time.  The full moon will illuminate Dad's soul as he crosses the bridge.  He needed to go."

I asked him about his food and told him it was important that he eat.  Bear said, "Being sad does not mean you are dying."  I suggested to his mom that she give him some special treats right now and that it would be good to give herself some special treats now too.  That evening I received this email from Bear's mom.
I sat with Bear and talked for a few minutes about our grief and getting through it. Then I made him something special to eat, his food with peanut butter, bacon bits and cheese. He ate it all but hesitated and ate slowly. Then he wanted to go out in the yard.  Thank you for your help, I needed to know that he was able to deal with all the emotions.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
A few weeks ago I heard a mournful howl from a dog that lives close to my home.  Upon further investigation I realized that it was a neighbor who had penned their dog in the back of their lot.  It broke my heart to hear him how.  I did everything I could do to help him.   I gave him Rescue Remedy on a treat, bones that would last a while and I did energy work.  When I communicated with him, he said that he would rather be dead than be penned.  I promised him I would do everything I could do to get him released.

I went over and talked to a lady who lives at the house.  She said that the dog was peeing inside and the home owner was putting it outside to 'teach it a lesson'.  Oh dear, you can imagine how that went over with me.  A couple of days later we had a fierce thunderstorm and the dog was terrified to say the least.  Again, I went over but nobody answered the door.  What I did next was a bit against the rules, but I let the dog out of its pen.  (It's better to ask forgiveness than permission!)  Shortly after I receive a very threatening phone call saying "If you come on our property again, we have guns and will use them".  She also knows I'm an animal communicator and threw in a few jabs about that.  I live in Creek county where there are no animal restrictions.  The good thing about the call was that I got their phone number. 

A few days later the dog is howling again.  This time I call and I could tell that the owner was angry when she answered.  Then I said something that was a little bit magical..."What would it take for me to help the dog and you?  I would do just about anything right now."  At this point the owner mumbled something about if she had the money she would get the dog to the vet.  I told her I would be happy to take the dog to the vet and PAY for it if she would let me. 

By 3:00 pm that afternoon I was at the vet with the dog and the lady who lives at the house (not the owner).  I have never seen the Mrs. of the home.  The sweet dog knew why I was there and stuck by my side.  This precious dog had a bladder infection. 

That evening I received a voicemail from the owner of the dog thanking me.   She said that when she got some money she would pay me back.  And the miracle of that is that she has sent me two payments! 

What is the moral of this story?  If I can come from a loving place then I can change the world.  If I know what changes a heart, I know what changes the world.  Love is the only thing that will transform us.   I love the book, Power vs. Force.  Force doesn't change anything, but standing in our power with an open heart does.   By the way, I have not heard the dog, but did see him last week when he wandered over for a treat. 
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My very first client this Saturday was Tess, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge one week ago.  The first thing she told me was that her parents did everything they could and to thank them for helping her cross. 

I asked Tess who met her and she said, "Santa Claus, the God of all Happy!"  And Lucille.  Her mom told me that they rescued Tess at Christmas time and that her mother's name was Lou. 

Tess then told me to tell her mom that she misses her singing.  Mom tells me through tears that her husband is the one who sang to Tess and that he is still singing to her.  Tess said she still nudges her in the butt from across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Her Mom asked me why Tess would always wake her around 3:00 am when she was alive.  Tess said that was when 'souls dance in the night'.  Her Mom told me that she always suspected something like that because Tess would look at things that weren't there. 

Communication with animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge let me know over and over that there is a heaven.  Thank you, Tess!  
When Snoopy was a puppy he was hit on the head by a baseball and nearly died.  The first time I talked to him he told me to tell his mom that she worried too much and "Why not think happy thoughts?"  Snoopy is 8 years old and has lived way longer than predicted due to his injury.  He told me that his brain works, but that he is a little bit dyslexic.

This weekend I got to visit with Snoopy again.  When he showed up I realized I dreamed about him the night before.  I even sketched a picture of him in my journal. 

This time Snoopy told me that his mom is going to be a doctor.  (She informed me that she is in medical school.)  Then Snoopy told me a secret about his mom having to do with a boy she knows at school.  I love it when the owner's jaw drops about something their animal tells me.   Snoopy, I won't tell!
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coyote's mom called me and said it was a bit of an emergency that I communicate with Coyote.  Fortunately, it was a quiet afternoon and I could do the communication soon. 

Coyote told me that something was not right with her.  She said that her insides felt like they are turned inside out.  She said she wasn't hungry.  I asked her if she had eaten something toxic and she said No.  I asked her if she was going to make it, and she told me that right now it didn't feel like it but that miracles happened all the time.  Then I heard the word 'ruptured'.  She said to tell her Momma that they would be OK no matter what. 

When I called Coyote's mom back she knew what I was saying when I said the word 'ruptured'.  Coyote had throat surgery and things weren't going well.  Her main concern was not to keep Coyote alive just for her benefit.  I asked Coyote if she was ready to go and she said if she wasn't better by tomorrow then it was time. My communication helped Coyote's mom to know that it was time for her beloved dog to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

Later that day I received a tag on Facebook that said, "Grateful for Lauren Hansen Johnson for being here with me today and helping me through this. Lauren is truly the most amazing person, and I know I must be doing something right to have her as my friend..  Thankful for Pam Case for helping me know that Coyote was ready to transition. Her gift with animals is unparalleled and I am not sure I could have known what to do without her. You both are Light and Love incarnate and the world is so much more beautiful with you in it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Baby's person contacted me because she was tired of being woken up at night and she was concerned about a growth that was removed from Baby's ear.  This is Baby's story.

"I don't like to be inside at night!  All the fun happens outside then.  My friends come out to play.  When the moon gets brighter, I get louder."  After informing her Mom about this she told me that Baby howls, "Ow, Ow, Ow" at night.  Now she knows that Baby is saying Out Out Out!  However, the good news is that after communicating with her she has been quiet for the last four nights. 

And about the ears.  Her mom is concerned that the growth that was surgically removed is growing back and that Baby is losing her directional hearing.  When I asked Baby about it she told me that her ears don't work right.  She doesn't want another operation.  They don't hurt.  She said that she will adjust and get used to it.  It is part of her learning this time around.  It is also helping her other senses to become more acute.  She said, "I will adjust.  You will see." 
My 'shingle' has a few different callings listed.  I'm a Chinese astrologer, a pet communicator, a teacher, and a dowser.  I can also choose a house that has pretty great Feng Shui just by looking at the landforms and the interior.  Recently I was asked to say one thing that is at the top of my list of the things that I do. 

It's this...To Raise Consciousness!  But here is the deal, I want to raise consciousness by being light-hearted and fun in whatever I am doing.  Not taking myself or anyone too seriously is important to me.  When I hear others standing on a soap box about anything whether it be eating organic or meditation I tend to back up a bit. 

Question for you...What is the difference between a religious fanatic or someone who is a fundamentalist about their diet?  Just saying...
One evening both my phones rang about 9:30 pm.  The thought that crossed my mind was that there is a lost pet.  After listening to the message I was correct.  His black Persian had been missing for 4 days.  The next thought that crossed my mind was that the cat was still alive, and another cat had it trapped.  Cats will do that.  It's horrible losing a pet and I called him back within 10 minutes.  When he answered the phone he said, "Pam, is that you, Pam?!!  You won't believe it, but guess who just showed up on the front porch." 

Such great news!  I laughed and told him that I could do magic.  But here is the bigger thought.  He put out the energy to get his cat back by calling me.  I picked up through two way thought traffic that his cat was being held hostage by another cat.  Did the simple action of his calling and my tapping into the cat help release it?  It's all about energy.  Everything is energy.  I love magic!
Friday, May 11, 2012
It is probably best if I post part of the communication I had with Bo.
Would you like to talk to me? I am heaven-sent. You saw it first thing. (Something else I see is that Bo is a biscuit maker – kneads things)

Tell me about your home. It is very special. We are all special. Mom likes clean and she also likes a modern look. She isn’t one of those people who have stuff everywhere.

What is your favorite thing to do? I’m very athletic and I do tricks. I can almost fly at times. I can do somersaults.

Do you feel any pain anywhere? Only if I fall too hard from my acrobats.  

Do you remember where you came from? A box left in front of an office is all I can remember. I only died a little while ago and came straight back into this body. It was a fast exchange. 

Is there anything you would like to tell your person? I love you. We are supposed to be together. You knew that the minute you saw me.

Why are you here for your person? I’m here to help her with Rebel. He can be a handful and also he’s very intense! Phew. I also am here because I am SUPPOSED to be here!

The following is the email I received the next day from Bo's mom.

Wow, I am very impressed with how accurate your readings are! I do like a clean house, although its never as clean as I like it to be. 

I am so amazed at the reading you did for Bo that I got chills. Yes, he does make biscuits all the time! He's happy to see you when you get home and sits there on the counter kneading, waiting to be petted. Every night, he crawls on my boyfriend's neck and buries his face under his chin, purring loudly and kneading the whole time. His favorite toy is da' bird and he loves jumping and doing somersaults. And yes, he does get carried away and fall into things sometimes! He is just a big ham that is happy to be here. He loves all people and wants to be petted by everyone.
The most impressive part, though, is his past. We do know his story. He was rescued from the downtown Home Depot in December of 2010 with his 3 brothers. They were only a couple weeks old and they found him worse off than the other two and frozen to the ground. A vet tech bottle fed and fostered them. He was a very sick kitten and actually died at the vets and they somehow were able to bring him back. My jaw dropped when you mentioned him coming straight back into his body. He is so very special to us and we just knew he had to come home with us as soon as we heard his story. He was a tiny, scraggly looking kitten with dull fur and broken whiskers; now he's very handsome and healthy.

We are so thankful how well he and Rebel get along. We really took the time to try and find a good match for Rebel. They are both such good cats. I love it that they both mentioned the other when you asked them their purpose. I just want them to know how much we treasure them and how I want to give them the best life because they deserve it. And I also want them to understand when we do certain things they may not like, its for their best interest. For example, the flea medicine we put on them every month. I'm also curious how they would feel if I fostered a cat for awhile. I've considered it before, but I don't want to upset them. 

Thank you so much for your readings! I wasn't sure what to expect but am amazed at details that you told from their perspective. 

Have I mentioned that I love my job? 

A dear friend in Seattle contacted me about Leo.  I have communicated with him before.  She was concerned that he wasn't acting like himself and she felt like he wasn't feeling well.  What I picked up was that his teeth were bothering him.  This past week I received an email from her. 

Hi Pam, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your communication with Leo a while ago now.  I did get him in for exam and teeth cleaning.  The vet thought he might need a couple of extractions.  To my delight (and his, I have no doubt!) he just needed a good cleaning and he is a very healthy guy, even if he is big (18 lbs!)  blood work, heart rate, lungs, etc. are all good and strong. I'm a happy mom!

I so appreciate the pet communication work you do - so beneficial for pets and their humans!

Friday, April 13, 2012
When I first looked at this guy I thought of Jimmy Durante.  Am I aging myself?  He was recently adopted by a lovely family in OKC.  His new Mom wanted to know what he wanted to be called.  When I asked him his name he told me "Chuck".  They decided to call him Chuck Norris. 

Of course, they wondered where he came from and he told me that he lived near water and there were others with him.  He considers himself very lucky because he showed up at the right time and the right place.  He's not picky about food because he had some hungry days. 

Chuck told me that he is going to bring a new energy into his new family's home.  He likes to talk and please don't think that he is a sissy.  He's not!  This face just makes me smile. 
Thursday, April 5, 2012
Last night I went in to brush my teeth and there was a 'giant mosquito', the name that most people give them, going crazy.  He was trying to land on the lights...too hot.  He worked at landing on the go.  He was frantic!  I wondered with my animal communication mind if he could hear me.  I told him that if he would fly to my hand I would escort him outside. 

Now mind you, I'm brushing my teeth with my Sonicare and holding up my other hand.  I telepathically told him that he was safe with me.  In less than a minute the Cranefly flew into my palm.  I kept my promise and off he went.   

When I left the bathroom I walked out and said to my husband that I wish there had been a film crew in the bathroom just now because what happened seemed totally impossible.  However, I subscribe to the belief that there are 'infinite possibilities'.  
Friday, March 23, 2012
This post is not about animals.  This is an email that I sent to a client this morning.  She is not happy with where she is working and wanted my advice.  :-) 

Dear ___________,

Well just poo about your current situation.  I thought you were liking it.  Here is how I look at things…

What feels lighter?  Does it feel lighter to talk to your boss?  Or does it feel lighter to look at a new job opportunity?

You say you have been really unhappy, and here is the deal for me.  If I am feeling unhappy in whatever I’m doing (it could even be weeding the garden) everything is harder.  If I am not in a space of feeling good, happy, open-hearted then no work comes to me.  For me life is all about how I create it.  It can never ever ever be about how someone else is treating me because I’m the one that attracts these things.  Does that make sense?  Do you listen to Abraham-Hicks?  Or do you get the daily affirmations?  I can honestly say that in the past, 5 years (at least), I’ve never been treated badly.  I don’t allow it.   

Before you talk to your boss make a list of what you are contented about.  If you go in and talk about what you are discontented about then that sets the tone.  What do you like about your current job?  You said the new job is opening in May, but May is a long way away.  What can you do today to make your place of employment feel better and LIGHTER to you?  The change always has to come from within.  There is no ‘some person, place or thing out there’ that causes our discontent.  Sucks, doesn’t it? 

I can’t blame, complain or explain in my life anymore.  Everything that I do has to come from inside of me.  If I’m not treated well, I caused it.  If I’m not happy, I caused it.  Now is the time to take inventory of you.  What is the deeper part of you wanting.  Where are you feeling inadequate?  What can you do to make it better?  Get your paper and pen out.  Write your new moon wishes and make them only about you.  If you could have anything you want, what would that be? 

Love to you.  I see you feeling better already.  I see you in a perfect place and right where you are supposed to be right now. 

·´. ¸·*¨)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012
At the end of our first day in the workshop, we were invited to visit two beautiful properties with horses for a field trip. The owner of Mystique, who looked very much like the photo above, told us that he had a health issue and was wondering if what she was doing was helping.  As she asked the question the word 'diabetes' dropped into my thoughts.  I jotted it down.  Then I wondered if horses even got diabetes?!  Others in the class were reporting their suspicions.  I didn't speak up at first, but finally I said that I had heard one word only - diabetes. This was the issue!  Amelia asked me how I got this information.  I told everyone that I had no idea, but I've heard messages like this before, long before I started doing animal communication. 

And then there was the adorable Ferret named Spaz.   See his little meditating feet above with Amelia?  His owner had fought in the Iraq War and came home with all of the stress that only war can bring.  Spaz told me that he was an enlightened philosopher and that I could call him Jesus!  His owner wondered why Spaz would crawl up into the entertainment center and act like he couldn't get out.  Spaz told me it was so that his Dad would stop watching the TV and pay attention to him.  Spaz likes the rock music that his Dad plays all the time.  (all confirmed by Dad, the TV watcher and Rock music lover)

Sparky, a rescued Jack Russell mix, was the life of the party.  He was so happy to be on stage.  At first his owner had him on a leash, but I knew he wanted off to be free.  When his Dad let him loose he came and greeted each of us separately.  Sparky knew he was on stage and was thrilled to be there.  No stage fright here.

I felt compelled to ask Sparky why he came into his owner's life.   He told me that his Dad was very lonely when he adopted him.  He said he's still lonely sometimes today.  When I told his owner this he replied, "You know, when you wife of many years leaves you, you get very lonely."  I later apologized to Sparky's dad and told him that I didn't mean to 'read his mail', but I try to repeat what the animal tells me without filtering. 

So, what did I learn at this fabulous workshop?  I learned that I'm pretty good at what I do.  I learned to trust every message that I receive.  I learned that Amelia Kinkade and I are, perhaps, old friends from another lifetime.  She called me Texas Okie at first.  Amelia also asked me if I would take some of her 'lost' animal cases since she will be on the road for the next few months.  Tracking isn't easy and it is very time consuming.  However, I told her that if she sent me someone, I would try to help.  This was such a wonderful compliment.  My favorite animal communicator asking me to help her.  WOW!  I came home with a new found confidence and a very grateful heart. 
Friday, January 20, 2012
I communicated with Bella in December of 2010.  His aunt bought a communication for her brother for Christmas.  At the time he was not impressed.  Recently she called me to say that she wanted to validate that what was communicated did come true, but in the future.  Oh my! Here is part of the reading. 

Tell me about your home. Wood floors.  It’s an older house and my dad has done a lot of work on it.  I’m very proud of it.
What is your favorite color?  Pink
What is your favorite thing to do?  I love to go on walks.  I’m a proud prance.  You should see me.   
  Is there anything you would like to tell your person?  We make a great team.  I have fun with you are you are funny.  I love it when you laugh.
Do you have a job?  What is it?  I am the calming effect in around our house.  Even when I’m being silly I can still calm my dad down.
 Is there anything you would like to change in your home?  The more sunlight the better for me.
Why are you here for your person?  I’m here to let dad experience true love.  He hasn’t had much true love in his lifetime.
Is there anything else your person can do for you? Just keep on loving me, but I know you will.
Where do you like to sleep?  In dad’s lap and in my bed.  
What do you think of other animals of your species?  I like to talk to them but I’m fine being an only dog.   

The following is the email about the reading over a year later.

Well, back in December 2010 the details in this reading had not yet taken place. My brother separated from his wife in July 2011 and now lives in an older place with hard wood floors. When he was still in his other house, he and his wife had several other pets (3 other dogs and 2 cats). But Bella was always Dean's special dog. Of course he took her with him when he moved and now she is the only pet in the house.

Bella absolutely LOVES her walks and goes everywhere with my brother, even to work! And he is always telling me what a calming effect she has on him when he gets upset or depressed.

Just wanted to let you know the accuracy of your reading for Bella. Thank you for doing what you do and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Early on the morning of my birthday, January 2, I looked out my window and cutest little dog was in my backyard.  He was very scruffy and hungry but just so adorable.  I was leaving shortly to go out to a birthday lunch date but when I returned he was sitting on the front porch waiting for me.  My granddaughter, Lauren, was with me and we made 'Found' posters and hung them around the neighborhood.  I also posted him on Craigslist and Tulsa Pets.

He was the best behaved guy.  My husband made him a bed in the garage but that night was supposed to be bitterly cold.  I invited him in and told him that I knew he would behave.  He was so great with my cats, ignoring them completely!  He jumped up in a chair in front of the fire and fell asleep.  I told him he could stay inside and sleep there, but he needed to stay put. 

When I got up the next morning he was still fast asleep in the chair.  It was then that I told him that he could stay with me until I either found his owner or until I found a good person to adopt him.  My son fell in love with him at first sight. 

That day I had errands to run and I took him with me.  He was great in the car too.  When we got home that afternoon the phone was ringing.  It was Sonny's mom calling.  She saw our posters and was so happy that we had him.  He was thrilled to see her again too. 

Thinking back on Sonny I know that he knew where to go for help.  And for me it was a wonderful birthday gift to have him for a couple of days.

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