Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Barkley and Gracie.  They are one of the main reasons that I am now communicating with animals on a regular basis.  I first met them when I went to their home to do a consultation with their mother.  At that time I could hear whispers of things they were trying to tell me.  Their dad and mom asked to return with the intention of actually talking to them.  At the time their dad was upset because Gracie was being mean to Barkley and it was very upsetting to him. 

The day I went to visit with them Gracie met me at the door.  She said, "Here you are!"  What I discovered from this visit was that Gracie was feeling left out because her parents were paying more attention to Barkley.  Barkley has three legs and Gracie felt like this is the reason they favored him. What she said was, "It's not fair."  I heard this loud and clear. 

These two beautiful dogs were so forthcoming with their communication that it made me decide that I needed to hone this gift that I've been given.  So today I'm writing this to say thank you to Gracie and Barkley.  You were catalysts to move me in the direction that I am now going.  Mwah!! 
Saturday, August 28, 2010
When I began the communication she asked me to use my pink pen.  Ask and it is given, Izzy! 

Izzy told me that she likes to roll around like a tumbleweed.  She has no pain, but only feels bad when she gets too hot.  Izzy wanted me to tell her mom that she needed to love herself as much as she loved her. 

When I asked Izzy if there were anything she would like to change in her home it was that sometimes the music was too loud.  Her ears are sensitive.   

Her mother sent me the following.  "Thank you so much for the complimentary reading! I LOVED what Izzy had to say....some of it made me cry (in a good way)! And some of it made me her liking pink!!!   I've prided myself for years on NOT being a pink girl, so it just stands to reason that my baby girl would be! She DOES have a pink fleece nightgown that she wears some in the winter, so it's good to know she likes it.  She also absolutely cannot take the heat, so that wasn't surprising to me. Nor was it surprising that that loud music bothers her...I can actually see it on her face, now that I know she told you that. Like I told you I'm so glad that you're using this gift now, in addition to what you already do! You're amazing."

So are you, Izzy's Mommy!
Friday, August 27, 2010
I recently communicated with Grylls at Woofstock.  His mom told me that she rescued him and that he was very fearful.  When I tapped into Grylls's energy he said, "If you only knew the traumas!"  His mother shared with me that Grylls is afraid of the dark and will often just stare at the fan.  In my mind's eye I could almost see some of the happenings in this dog's life. 

I suggested to his mother that when she starts worrying about Grylls that she replace that worry with a picture of him when he is at his happiest.  She needs to visualize him being balanced and peaceful.  When I got home I did some additional healing work on Grylls because I could feel his tension.

Last night I received a phone call from Grylls's mom.  She shared with me that since Woofstock she had a different dog.  He would come and greet her and the door.  Grylls was even being playful with her!  What wonderful news!

As soon as I hung up I thanked my wonderful God and all my guides, angels and helpers for this amazing gift.  It just doesn't get any better than this.
Thursday, August 26, 2010
I spoke to Bella a few months ago and when I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me she told me a secret. Whenever her mom can't find something it's because Bella has hidden it and she thinks it's hilarious! She gave me a hint...backyard.

When I asked Bella if she would like to talk to me she said, "I think you would like to talk to me more than I would like to talk to you!"  The girl is honest. 

Bella says that she and her siblings are the center of her mom's universe and that her dad goes along with it.  She told her mom that she has the best heart of anyone she has ever known.  (I agree Bella!) 

Bella's communication was a gift to her mom for her birthday.  What goes around comes around, right Bella? 
Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Mango and Coconut
These California angels were rescued.  Coconut said she was on 'death row' when her mom came in and saved her.  She says she pees sometimes when she gets nervous.  She also pees on her dad's clothes if he bugs mom!  This baby pees with intention!!  She loves her Mango saying they are soul sisters.

Mango was second in my communication and she impatiently said, "I wondered when it was going to be my turn!"  She told her mom that she was amazing because she gets through anything.  (Her mom is a cancer survivor.) 

Mango told me that her first owner dropped her off in the street because she couldn’t afford me and I was too much trouble. She understand now because she has it made in her new home. 

Mango makes Coco laugh and says she is really funny.  When Mango rides in the car she feels more secure sitting in a lap.  Who rescued whom?
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
I communicated with Duncan because of one my close friends.  He was posted on the Oklahoma City Craigslist in the Lost section and my friend wanted to know if I could pick up anything about him.  He belonged to a friend of hers.  When I opened up the photo I immediately felt like Duncan was no longer with us, but I continued with my communication. 

Duncan wasn't hungry or thirsty.  He was floating.  What he told me was that it was time for him to go.  I intuited that he had kidney dysfunction.  Often a cat will go away to make his transition.  He asked me to tell his owner that he went fast and that he was with Jeff, his owner's dear friend who had also recently died.   He said, "Please don't be sad, but I know you will be.  Go quickly and get another kitty!" 

His mother went out and got another kitty.  I believe that Duncan communicated with new kitty about his going missing and how sad his mother was.  New kitty has slept on her head every night since she got him. 
Monday, August 23, 2010
I met Buster on Saturday at Woofstock.  He freaks out when it storms.  Not to easy if you live in Oklahoma!!  Buster told me that storms felt like electricity running through his body.  He also wanted to let his mom know that he is the peacemaker and he is first! 

Buster's mom emailed me today and said, "I gotta tell you, Buster must have enjoyed talking to you. When we got home, I was leaning against the back of a chair in the living room and he jumped up on the chair and licked my face, then he got back down. Buster is RARELY affectionate and too lazy to ever actually get up on something to show affection. So, my only guess is that he was happy that he got to get out and talk to someone who could hear him!"

Thanks for the validation, Buster!
Saturday, August 21, 2010
This is Sam available through Tulsa Boxer Rescue.  He told me that his name was Ralph.
He's a well-trained and beautiful young guy who needs a loving home. 

I communicated with animals from 10-2 today to support Woofstock, put on by the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals.  Meeting all the interesting pets and their owners was amazing.  Wish you could have heard some of their stories.  I will be blogging some of them soon.  Stay tuned!

Check out their website.  Make a donation if you are feeling generous.  You will receive many thanks in Woofs and Meows!!
Friday, August 20, 2010
I first met Vincent at his home out in the country.  I took his photograph and then his mom requested that I communicate with him.  Before I picked up his photo I heard him say, "I was named after Vincent Van Gogh, you know!"  Part of Vincent's ear is missing but I had not put two + two together.  (I'm a little slow sometimes.) 

Vincent was adopted by his wonderful parents and he is so grateful.  This came through loud and clear in the communication.  He said things like...I have it made you know...You changed my life...You saved my life...I owe you my life.  (This brought a few tears.) 

When I asked Vincent if he had a job he said, "Watchdog, lover, smile giver and Happy Camper.  I also asked Vincent what happened to him in the past.  He said, "I was a victim of child abuse. You don’t need to know all the details. It is part of my past and it’s the PAST." (very adamantly)

One thing for sure, Vincent has it made now.  We all dream of a happy ending. 
Thursday, August 19, 2010
Friday lives in South Texas.  Her mom contacted me because she wanted to find out about his limp.  They have taken him to the vet and the chiropractor.  When I introduced myself to Friday he said he would talk to me as long as I didn't want to prod and pry on him.  I went into detail about what I was going to do.  He was a little bit suspicious. 

Friday didn't want his parents to worry about him.  The reason he is here is for his mother.  His purpose is to teach her to be fearless and to let go.  He says he limps more if his mom worries about him. 

He loves the cool floor in their home.  He also would love some bacon!  His favorite thing to do is to play frisbee and his mom told me that there was one on top of the refrigerator that they haven't played with in a while (due to the limp).  I suggested she put it down with him to encourage faster healing.  I also did some healing work on Friday.  Haven't heard if it is working.  I sure hope so.  Friday is a dog that the whole world would love to hug!
I spoke to Bella a few months ago and when I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me she told me a secret.  Whenever her mom can't find something it's because Bella has hidden it and she thinks it's hilarious!  She gave me a hint...backyard. 
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
I drove to Mountain Home, Arkansas last weekend to see my soul sister, Beth.  There's a country store not far from their ranch in the Ozarks.  We stopped in to buy a lotto ticket (one of our rituals) and laying on the counter was a photo of a dog named Diane who was missing.  I told the lady who owned the store that I was an animal communicator and that I would try to see if I could find out anything about this missing dog.  She looked at me a little strangely but said, "Of course!" 

When I found my 'still point' to tap into the energy of Diane my heart felt as though it were jumping around in my chest.  Then I heard, "It bit me and my heart stopped".  I couldn't see a snake in my mind's eye, but it is the first thing I thought of, so I trusted it. 

We returned to the store and I left my findings along with my card.  Of course, I always hope I'm wrong with a missing animal, but perhaps it can give the owner some answers and someday some peace. 

God bless you, Diane, wherever you are.  I know you gave your family much unconditional love.  And if you are still out there please go home!!   
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
When I began my communication with Sadie she told me that her name was Mischa.  She found her dad and has given him such great joy.  Her favorite thing to do is play with her toys - especially her mouse.  Her dad validated this for me.

Sadie is here to make her dad have more fun.  Lovely!  I know her dad and they are lucky to have found each other.
Monday, August 16, 2010
Jersey's mom was worried about him.  He witnessed his sibling's death.  The main thing that Jersey wanted me to tell  his mom was not to worry so much.  He feels her pain when she gets emotional.  As far as seeing his sibling die, he said he was at peace about it and he were ready to go.

Jersey loves women.  He has a new sister puppy named Ava.  I recently asked Jersey to be sweeter with her.  He knew she was coming and told his mom that he wouldn't be happy about it, but that Ava would bring new energy to their home. 

Yesterday his mom emailed me that Jersey has been doing much better.  Good for you, Jersey!
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet Gracie. Her main purpose is to make her family happy. She told me that her mom puts some kind of oil on her food. (Mom confirmed that it was flaxseed oil.) Gracie thinks that being brushed is a bother.

I spoke to Gracie last March and recently her mom contacted me because she wasn't sure if Gracie was going potty on rugs.  This was an ongoing problem when Gracie was younger, but not lately.  I had a communication and asked her if anything was going on.  She told me that if her mom was feeling stressed it made her have accidents.  However, she had not peed on the rug that her mom was wondering about.  I stressed how important it was that she use her pads and never the rugs!   I received this email from Gracie's mother today. 

I knew you’d be interested in knowing that Gracie got out of (our) bed last night at least 2x to pee on the potty pads (including #2, which she usually waits for outside trip). This was a very good sign.
Also, before I left the house this morning she kicked up her leg in similar fashion as she’d done on the red rug – and all she was doing was scratching herself. I felt that she wanted me to know that that was what she had been doing. This time she was on the tile floor so I wasn’t so suspicious.

She’s really such a sweet baby and I am glad we are now are good terms and understand each other better. And I am much more conscious of how important it is for me to stay calm and centered.  Thanks again for your help!

Our animals are a gentle reminder to try to stay in the moment and wear life like a loose garment.
Thursday, August 12, 2010
I can hear all of you sigh and smile when you look at this picture.  A few significant things were discovered when I communicated with Baby.  The most important finding was when I asked her if she had any pain she told me that her throat hurt.  Her mom took her to the vet and discovered that she was pulling too hard on her leash and that she needed to get a halter instead of a collar. 

Evidently a crushed trachea is one of the major causes of death in toy animals. Baby's owner learned other very important things from her vet from this communication.

Baby told me that she liked to play with her toys if her mom played with her.  She also loves liver.  This was first time news to her mom and guess what?  Baby loves liver and plays great with her toys as long as her mommy plays too.    Ahh... from the mouths of pets.
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
I spoke to Zuri in my early days of animal communication.  She was such a great validation for me.  Her mom fosters many pets.  I found out in my first communication with Zuri that she got into trouble because she took the children's food.  Uh oh!  Her mom asked me to ask Zuri who her 'person' was so I tapped in for the second time. 

Zuri said, "Joe, he's the man!"  I told Zuri that I didn't know Joe but she said, "Yes you do!  Everybody knows Joe."  When I relayed this information to Zuri's mom she said, "Oh, my husband, Joseph is going to be so happy that he is Zuri's person." 

You could have blown me over with a feather!
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Roxy was left behind by a previous owner and her parents rescued her from the house.  In the recent months her parents have been thinking about selling their home and were making changes to put it on the market.  Roxy started acting differently and her mom wanted me to talk to her.

Roxy told me that her house was a mess right now and that she was confused about it.  At the end of my chats I always ask if there is anything they want to say to me.  Roxy told me that she was scared with all the changes that she was going to be left behind again . It makes her so worried that her food doesn’t work right. 

I reassured her that she would go wherever her parents went.   She said, "Are You sure?!?   I told her Yes, and that she already knows that I know. 
Monday, August 9, 2010
Charli is blind.  He told me that he loved the smells in the air when his mom cooked and that he really loves bacon.  He told me that he has known his mother for many lifetimes. 

I asked Charli if there was anything his person could do for him he asked that she not move things in the house around.  Since he is blind he likes a path that is known to him.  He feels the energy fields around the furniture and other objects in the house. 

I always end my communications by asking the animal if they want to say anything to me.  Charli said, "You think I can't see, but I can!  I see your spirit!"
Sunday, August 8, 2010
When I began communicating with Nestle I told her she was adorable.  She acted surprised.  I asked Nestle what was her favorite thing to do and she said she loved to play and act ferocious.   Ferocious - exhibiting or given to extreme fierceness and unrestrained violence and brutality.  

She comes from a family of four other dogs and she told me to tell her mom that she knew she was the favorite, but she wouldn't tell.  Nestle, you make me smile!
Saturday, August 7, 2010
The phone rang as I was getting ready to communicate with Tess. When I finished the call Tess impatiently told me that she had been waiting to talk to me! In other words...get off the phone!

Tess is a rescued horse and her owner wanted to know more about her. Tess alluded that she has not always been treated well but she did not want to tell her mother about it.

Now she wants to 'run like the wind'. She would like to compete. She sets the pace for the other horses. Tess also loves sweets.
When I asked Tess if there was anything she wanted to tell her owner she said, "Believe in me. I have greatness inside." I don't doubt that for a moment. Go Tess!

Recently I heard from Tess's owner who wrote, "Tess has begun to show more of her personality since you all spoke. Two weeks ago I went out to ride. I asked my girls, who wanted to go, and nobody spoke up. so I grabbed LG, and we left.  When I was halfway down the next road, I turned to see Tess running after us. She had jumped the fence, and ran to be with us.  It was the sweetest thing."
Thursday, August 5, 2010
Ralphie's mother contacted me because he had been missing since early July.  Ralphie and his mom live in Texas and she was given my information from a neighbor. 

When I tapped into Ralphie's  energy I felt like he was no longer on the earth.   Then comes the difficult part of telling his mother.  Sigh... I told her that I would be so happy if what I felt was incorrect.  I have great compassion for people whose pets have been lost.  There is never a concrete answer to where they have gone. 

I felt like Ralphie was not well and he left so that he wouldn't hurt his family.  I've recently received an email from his mother who wrote, "Thanks so much for everything.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the newsletters. I've also tried to practice using the golden chord you spoke with me about. I hope you realize how much you really helped me. I miss my sweetie, but I'm thinking of taking his advice."  His advice was to stop looking, worrying and to adopt another cat.  Ralphie's family has a whole lot of love to share.
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
When I communicate with an animal I always ask it about its food.  I will write many more blogs about this, but this came in from Toby's owner this morning and it's too good to not share right now!!  Here's Toby.  He's the oldest of a three dog family.  (Hey, this means my client could have a Three Dog Night in the winter!)  Anyhow, I regress.  Read the email below from Toby's mom.

Pam, I just have to share this with you.

I read all 3 conversations to a friend of mine right after you had talked with each of my dogs. Of course Toby's request for vegetable soup with beef rallied a good laugh! Not long after she had heard this tale I happen to be at her house and she had made vegetable soup with beef. We again laughed about it and she insisted I take some home for Toby. This little old man did a jig in the kitchen when I told him Becky had given him some of this soup, he devoured his meal and has been lovingly sitting with me on the couch nightly, which is rather unusual and which I feel is a sign of gratitude. There was enough soup for him to have multiple meals and we shared it with the other two.

Everyone is so happy. Now I have made my own version of his vegetable soup with beef and will continue to give him his healthy meal additive!  Last night when I was making the large pot of "vegetable soup with beef", Toby laid on the kitchen floor the entire time. I can't remember a time before when he so patiently layed on the floor while I was cooking. I had told him I was making his soup you see so guess he thought it wise to watch the process! 

I could go on more about what I have noticed about my animals from the conversations you had with them, but will save it for another day. The soup story is the best!!
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Doc, the Hunter
Doc is a hunter.  When I asked Doc if I could speak to him he said that he really needed to speak to me!  His job is that he is a hunter and he is not being used as a hunter.  His parents are looking for a good home for him.  He needs to be an outside dog and he needs to hunt. 

Doc has a pedigree.  He is not afraid of guns.  Doc simply wants to live with someone who has lots of energy and if he is not hunting, then he wants to walk, run, point and live in an environment that will allow this.  You can email me if you know of a good home for him.
Sunday, August 1, 2010
Meet Toby.  His parents wanted to know where he came from as well as anything else I could find out.  I met Toby in person several months back.  When I spoke to him remotely he reminded me of this.  Silly me!   

When I asked Toby about his home he reminded me again that I've seen it before and it is a mansion.  He told me that he's treated like royalty.  His mother confirmed this saying that several people who worked in the home cater to his every need. When I asked him what his job was and he told me it was to keep the home free of insects and that they were some of his favorite foods.  Again, this was confirmed by his parents. 
I asked Toby where he came from and he said he was brought there by a car and that his previous owners could not keep him.  They also knew exactly where they were dropping him off and that he would be well taken care of.  I also asked him when he was born and he said in cold times...winter before last. 

Toby brings joy, not only to his parents, but to all the people who work around the mansion.  His animal siblings like him too. 

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