Monday, November 16, 2009

Often when I consult with someone about their Chinese Astrology chart I will say that the chart is either weak, strong or balanced. Of course, balanced is the preferred but few people (especially those who come to see me) have a truly balanced chart. There is not a 'better' chart and if one has a weak chart it does not mean that they are weak.

A weak chart is one that does not have the same element as the Day Pillar Stem (like your Sun sign in Western Astrology) and the element that creates the Day Pillar. For example, if your Day Stem is Wood, then Water is what creates you. For a Wood person Water represents their mother, teachers and education. Wood represents friends and peers. If a person has a weak chart then what will strengthen and bring them into balance is more Wood and Water. Usually this means that their mother and friends really help them out in life.

If one has a strong chart, then the opposite is true about mother and friends out in life. Usually the Strong Day Pillar will be more balanced by their children, father and their work. For example, if your Day Master is Water and the chart is strong, then there is probably an abundance of Water and usually Metal (mother of Water) in the chart. In this case Wood, Fire and sometimes Earth help to bring the excess Water into balance. The Wood drinks up the water, the Fire heats up the Water and the Earth controls the Water.

There are many variables and it takes a really experienced astrologer (that would be me) to figure this out.

If someone has a strong chart, they might have a tendency to come across strongly. If a person has a weak chart they could come across as weaker or milder in temperament. BUT, most of this depends on the period of luck that one is in at the time. Every year is made up of elements and these elements can influence us tremendously. That is why every year is different, or an overall period of time can feel extremely auspicious or incredibly challenging.

I can use myself as an example. I have a strong Water chart. It is also very Yang. If I am in a period of time that is also Water and I can be like a flood. We are all familiar with a flood! However, when I am in a good luck period, then my Water is contained and I am at my best. The same is true for the person with the weak chart.

Chinese Astrology is a vehicle where we can truly know ourselves . I believe that a good astrologer can help to heal the world. A good astrologer can 'see' beyond what seems to be.
Friday, November 6, 2009

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