Sunday, May 22, 2011
Early Thursday morning I got a call from Drover's grandmother.  Drover was missing.  He escaped with another family dog, a deaf healer pup named Katie.   Drover is nine months old.  They were all afraid that Drover was injured.  I asked her not to tell me anything else so that it wouldn't 'color' any pictures I picked up telepathically.  All I wanted was a photograph of Drover. 

I felt a close connection with this dog maybe because we both have unusual eyes.  I could 'see' Drover in a wooded area.  He was not hurt, but he was scared, lost and very hungry.  I sensed that he was less than a mile from home. Drover told me that they wanted to do something fun. 

Calling Drover's Dad, I suggested things for him to do to get his baby boy home.  Drover and his Dad have an incredible connection.  I continued to talk to Drover and reassure him that help was on the way. 

Drover was found on Thursday evening.  He was less than a mile from home.  His Dad told me he was not hurt but he was holding up a paw pretending to be hurt.  He said he does this often for attention.  Drover was so excited to see all of them he played all night with their deaf healer, Katie. 

Once again, I love a happy ending.  Helping to find a lost animal is probably the most gratifying part of my work.


Jeff & Sharon Allred said...

Your telepathic skills are profound! So glad you are helping find these babies and getting them home.

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