Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Artie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early September.  He was adopted in 2009 when his Mom, a volunteer at a shelter, brought him home for a break from the shelter but could never take him back.  He had fight scars and so many old injuries that he was deemed unadoptable at the shelter.  His new mom signed the papers to make him theirs.  Artie didn't like men very much but he absolutely loved his new dad. 

Artie's mom felt guilty because they didn't know he was in pain until so close to the end.  His doctor said that his injuries were old and could no longer compensate with his muscles.  His mom decided to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

I waited a few days to communicate with Artie, but as soon as I did he said, "I'm more alive now that I was before."  He doesn't want his mom to feel guilty and he knows how much she loves him.  He told me he went to meet a best friend cat and Grandpa Ed.  He also said that he would return to his owner very soon.  The new dog (him) is going to come right up to her and she is going to know.  Artie gave a huge hint.  "Give yourself ME for Christmas!"


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