Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Meet Shaq, Liberty and Baron.  Their parents contacted me because of some recent behaviors.  This is a photo of one of their dog beds.  It used to look like the one at the top of the photo.
Their parents had a video camera and all three of the rascals participated in this destruction.  Baron has been with them the longest and when I communicated with him he declared his innocence.  In the words of Scooby Doo, Ruh Roh, Baron was caught on camera as the instigator of the act. 

What I discovered in my communication about the above crime is that these guys are used to a finely tuned schedule and if this changes, they act out.  That weekend their parents were gone more than usual and we can see the results.

It is interesting how each of the labs has their own unique personality.  Shaq, the youngest of the three, told me that he was hit by a car and should have really been hurt but that he escaped with no injuries.  Shaq used to be a 'tied up' dog and he came to his new family during an ice storm.  He had icicles hanging from his fur.  They returned him to his original owners, but he returned to his new family again.  He told me he was with the wrong people before.  With his new mom and dad he is here to have fun. 

Liberty is the only female and she is full of energy.  She chews loudly on her plastic dog bone.  She tells me that she does this so that she can be heard.  I suggested that due to her tightly wound nervous system that she might benefit from agility training. 
Liberty admitted that they all participated in the dog bed destruction. 

Baron is his momma's boy for sure. She melts in his presence.  He tells me that he has the biggest heart in the world.  His dad asked me to ask him what time he gets up in the morning and Baron said, "When I want to!"  He likes the oils his parents put on his food.  His mom asked me who picked whom?  Baron told me that he chose her and his mom confirmed it.  He also quietly told me that he was the 'favorite'.  Shhhhh...don't tell anyone! 

My observation was that Baron, Liberty and Shaq were well-behaved and made a great team.  I think it is healthy for their parents to have a surprise every once in a while.  Keeps them in line.  And something else...will an animal tell a lie?  Hum...I will let you decide. 


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