Thursday, February 3, 2011
The Chinese calendar moves in 60-year cycles, meaning the world will experience similar events to those seen 60 years in the past.  The last Rabbit years were 1999, 1987, 1975 and 1963.  Think back.  What happened in your life then?  Reflecting on the past helps to connect the dots for your future.

In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is fourth in a cycle of 12 animals that represent each Chinese New Year, with the Year of the Rabbit falling between February 3, 2011 to January 22, 2012.  Today is the day to place your Feng Shui enhancements and remedies.  It is also the day to get your astrology updates if you are a believer. 

Looking at the elements, this is a year of metal sitting on top of wood.  These elements fight, so it will most likely be another year of weird weather patterns, natural disasters and wars.  Right now we have the severe unrest in Egypt and we are snowed in in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The Rabbit is an animal of romance, so this year there could be many unusual love relationships.  If you have a Horse as your Day Master in your Four Pillars Astrology chart, you could experience a break-up.  If you have a Dog, you could find love. 

You need a really good Chinese astrologer, like me, to help you see the potentials.  The Northwest is the best sector while the East is the most challenging sector of your home, office or country for that matter. 

So, this white girl who lives in the Heartland of the USA, wishes all of you a Very Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rabbit!  


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