Wednesday, March 30, 2011
This is Meeka.  She was surrendered to the Homeward Bound Pug Rescue in OKC.  While I try not to share images that make me feel sad, I was so moved by this little girl's face that I communicated with her.  Her previous owner said she was moving and that she couldn't keep her.  Enough said...this is what Meeka shared with me.

Before I began asking Meeka questions this phrase ran through my thoughts. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

1. Would you like to talk to me? Of course I would. You need to pass on some information for me.

2. Tell me about your home. I know it breaks your heart to look at me but my home was quite alright for a long time. I am a manifestation of what has gone on with my mother. She is not well. Please don’t judge her.

3. What is your favorite food? Pink fish

4. What is your favorite thing to do? To put my nose on the noses of those who love me. The world is waking up and I’m part of that. There will be many noses for me to touch in my future.

5. Do you feel any pain anywhere? I’m much better already and it is a mind over matter thing for me. I’m going to be OK.  (I did some healing work on Meeka.)
6. Do you like to ride in the car? As long as it is for pleasure.

7. Do you have a job? As you can sense and see, I’m here to wake the world up. The earthquake in Japan is to wake the world up. More and more are leaning compassion and forgiveness. That’s my job now. Please don’t feel sorry for me.

8. Is there anything you would like to change? I know that somebody is going to adopt me (and please don’t call it rescue!) and we will have a love affair until the end of days.

9. Where do you like to sleep? I like to sleep warm wherever I sleep. Heat makes me almost purr! I know I’m not a cat.

10. Is there anything you would like to tell me? Please just deliver my message. Tell the world to drop out of their heads and into their hearts. To know from the heart is truth.

11. Do you want me to donate money for you? Every little bit helps, but most of all, keep donating your gift.


Lisa said...

I can't wait to hear when Meeka gets her wonderful new forever home. Her face is so precious!

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