Friday, January 20, 2012
Early on the morning of my birthday, January 2, I looked out my window and cutest little dog was in my backyard.  He was very scruffy and hungry but just so adorable.  I was leaving shortly to go out to a birthday lunch date but when I returned he was sitting on the front porch waiting for me.  My granddaughter, Lauren, was with me and we made 'Found' posters and hung them around the neighborhood.  I also posted him on Craigslist and Tulsa Pets.

He was the best behaved guy.  My husband made him a bed in the garage but that night was supposed to be bitterly cold.  I invited him in and told him that I knew he would behave.  He was so great with my cats, ignoring them completely!  He jumped up in a chair in front of the fire and fell asleep.  I told him he could stay inside and sleep there, but he needed to stay put. 

When I got up the next morning he was still fast asleep in the chair.  It was then that I told him that he could stay with me until I either found his owner or until I found a good person to adopt him.  My son fell in love with him at first sight. 

That day I had errands to run and I took him with me.  He was great in the car too.  When we got home that afternoon the phone was ringing.  It was Sonny's mom calling.  She saw our posters and was so happy that we had him.  He was thrilled to see her again too. 

Thinking back on Sonny I know that he knew where to go for help.  And for me it was a wonderful birthday gift to have him for a couple of days.


Amber said...

Such a beautiful story! If my dogs ever get lost, I hope they find you for help :)

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