Thursday, July 12, 2012
My 'shingle' has a few different callings listed.  I'm a Chinese astrologer, a pet communicator, a teacher, and a dowser.  I can also choose a house that has pretty great Feng Shui just by looking at the landforms and the interior.  Recently I was asked to say one thing that is at the top of my list of the things that I do. 

It's this...To Raise Consciousness!  But here is the deal, I want to raise consciousness by being light-hearted and fun in whatever I am doing.  Not taking myself or anyone too seriously is important to me.  When I hear others standing on a soap box about anything whether it be eating organic or meditation I tend to back up a bit. 

Question for you...What is the difference between a religious fanatic or someone who is a fundamentalist about their diet?  Just saying...


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