Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My very first client this Saturday was Tess, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge one week ago.  The first thing she told me was that her parents did everything they could and to thank them for helping her cross. 

I asked Tess who met her and she said, "Santa Claus, the God of all Happy!"  And Lucille.  Her mom told me that they rescued Tess at Christmas time and that her mother's name was Lou. 

Tess then told me to tell her mom that she misses her singing.  Mom tells me through tears that her husband is the one who sang to Tess and that he is still singing to her.  Tess said she still nudges her in the butt from across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Her Mom asked me why Tess would always wake her around 3:00 am when she was alive.  Tess said that was when 'souls dance in the night'.  Her Mom told me that she always suspected something like that because Tess would look at things that weren't there. 

Communication with animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge let me know over and over that there is a heaven.  Thank you, Tess!  


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