Tuesday, July 24, 2012
When Snoopy was a puppy he was hit on the head by a baseball and nearly died.  The first time I talked to him he told me to tell his mom that she worried too much and "Why not think happy thoughts?"  Snoopy is 8 years old and has lived way longer than predicted due to his injury.  He told me that his brain works, but that he is a little bit dyslexic.

This weekend I got to visit with Snoopy again.  When he showed up I realized I dreamed about him the night before.  I even sketched a picture of him in my journal. 

This time Snoopy told me that his mom is going to be a doctor.  (She informed me that she is in medical school.)  Then Snoopy told me a secret about his mom having to do with a boy she knows at school.  I love it when the owner's jaw drops about something their animal tells me.   Snoopy, I won't tell!


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