Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Here's a fun picture of me teaching the Space Clearing Workshop. Seems like my hands are always part of the action.

The workshop was held in a log cabin on the grounds of the Hope Unitarian Church in Tulsa. It sits on the side of a hill and has nature trails all around it. Members of the church will sprinkle their loved one's cremains around this area. It's a beautiful area.

After the workshop I learned some other things from participants. The log cabin has some termite issues. Maybe next time we can work on this! The land is on Native American burial grounds and is also one of the highest points in Tulsa. There is a huge cell phone tower on the property. We did not work with this yet since it was a beginning Space Clearing workshop.

Another participant did a little research about surrounding oneself with white light for protection. She discussed this with her very wise and intuitive partner and he empahsized that the negative energies, entities, etc., attach to us only when our energy field is impure. Our areas of fear and discomfort allow negative entities in. The focus for surrounding oneself with light when coming from a place of service (compassionate heart) provides protection.

Two people said they actually saw ghosts. Sitings of a female child and of an elderly woman were brought to my attention. The woman who saw the child ghost said she was scared due to what was going on in the cabin.

If you would like to have a Personal and Space Clearing Workshop, please let me know. Have pendulum, dowsing rod, love to teach and will travel!


feng shui harmony said...

Hi Pam,
I'm glad you called it a fun workshop because it sounds like so many elements were at play. With all the ghosts, electromagnetics, burial grounds, remains, its the perfect place to hold such a class. Would love to have you in California for a workshop in my neck of the woods. I consider you the best at what you do. Glad to know you are teaching this subject. Its so necessary in our lives today.

Pam Case said...
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