Wednesday, September 8, 2010
One Monday morning in April 2007 my beloved cat, Stella, disappeared. We were getting ready to move out of the city to a home on an acre of land.  I came to believe that Stella didn't want to move.   She was the most amazing cat.  Stella was quirky too.  She loved ham, did tricks if we snapped our fingers and would actually hug me when I held her.  Stella tolerated her two brothers, Simon and McCavity.

I did everything I could do to find her.  What I felt in my heart was that she was taken by the garbage men.  We had placed many items that we did not want to move the night before.  Stella accidentally got out (and she did not like out) and was hiding in the things at the curb. 

The whole family was heartbroken and I couldn't speak about Stella without being tearful. 

The following October my friend, Carolyn, and I were walking on a very windy day in my new neighborhood.  I began to hear something in the woods and it just got louder.  It was meowing.  Suddenly out from the undergrowth a calico kitten emerged.  She ran straight up my leg and into my arms.  Carolyn remarked that this was my Stella.  How could it be?  This cat was perfectly happy for me to carry her a mile home wrapped in my tee shirt.  We took her photo and made fliers.  Nobody called. This kitten was about five months old and it had been about six since Stella's disappearance. 

I named her Weenie because she was orange and black and it was nearly HalloWEEN.   As it turns out Weenie it very much my cat.  She is very quirky, likes ham and runs to the other end of the house if the garbage man or any strange man comes near the house.  Weenie only tolerates her two brothers, Simon and McCavity.  She doesn't do tricks but she does flop over on her back when I sing to her.  Guess who else used to do the same thing? 

I do believe that the souls of our animals will find their way back to us if it is meant to be. 


Lisa said...

Love that story Pam!

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