Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Meet Leo and Nani.  Their mother contacted me because they seemed to be fighting all the time.  There were two sides to this story, so I will share what they told me.

Nani was feeling sad.  She told me that she loved Leo but that he aggravated her.  One of the most important things that she stressed with me is that she didn't like a cleaner that her mother was using.  I could not tell if it was a person who was cleaning or a type of cleaning product.  Either of these things could cause a change in personality in a cat.

Leo told me he was wishing his mother was at home more.  He was feeling lonely.  He told me that his job was to entertain Nani but she was so distant and grumpy.  I asked Leo why they were fighting and he told me it was to get attention from their mother. 

I did healing work on both cats to help them to feel more at ease.  After sharing the communication with their mom she realized that she did need to spend more time with them.  A few weeks later she reported to me that they were doing much better. 

People think that cats are aloof and don't need a lot of attention.  It is my experience that even if a cat acts aloof it still loves attention and human companionship. 


WiseLalia said...

True for people, too, Pam! Thanks for the good work you do in the world.

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