Friday, September 3, 2010
Last winter a call came in from a ‘private caller'.  Usually I do not answer these calls because they often phone spam.  For some reason I decided to answer this call.  The caller asked if I did energy healing. I was leery, but told him yes.  I could tell that it was an international call because of a subtle delay in the transmission. 

He asked if I saw auras, or what type of healing did I do?  I became really suspicious then and asked for more information about him.  He told me his name was Pradush and he lived in Tibet.  My phone number had come to him two times in meditation and he felt it was important to contact me. 

He said that he didn't want anything.  He just wanted to tell me that I was doing good work for the world and that this year was going to be a transformational year for me.  Was he talking about the animal communication I'm now doing?  I wonder?  

I will be eternally grateful for that mysterious call that came late one evening last winter.


Cosh said...

OMG that is AWESOME !!! ---- gives me chills

Andrea Reed said...

Spirit really does work in mysterious ways... :-)

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