Friday, July 23, 2010
On Monday Chera Kimiko, from our local Fox station, posted on Facebook that her friend's dog was missing.  I asked that she send me a photo of the dog and I would try to pick up information about her whereabouts.  There are certain things that the owners need to do when a dog is lost.  I share these with people who call me for my help.  Carly's parents contacted me immediately with a photo and information about her.  I knew she was alive!  Carly's parents did everything that I suggested. 

Monday night I picked up that she was about 2 miles from where she was lost.  I could see fields and a barn in my mind's eye.  Tuesday I telepathically talked to Carly again and thought she might be behind a fence.  She was 'caught' and she desperately wanted her parents to find her.  I continued to email with her parents to inform them what I was picking up.  I could see her locked up.

On Wednesday I dowsed a map and an area was indicated where she was. Her parents went and searched the area.  I still felt she was very much alive, but scared.  Yesterday I spoke with Naomi McDonald, my mentor, and she too thought that Carly was alive and wanted to go home!  We both thought she was free again.  With this validation I decided to telephone Carly's parents.  Mark, Carly's dad, had just found her and picked her up!  She had been picked up by animal control.  (locked up?) 

I did what I usually do when I'm 'over the top' happy.  I burst out crying.  We all dream of a happy ending, don't we? 

Here is what Carly's dad posted on Facebook. 

"Pam was a real blessing to us while Carly was missing. After a couple of days with no word on where she was we were giving up hope that we would see Carly again. Pam was able to let us know that she was still out there and trying to get home and really help us keep positive about getting her back." 

Carly home safe and so tired!

P.S.  See on my blog where you can become a Fan of Animal Communications with Pam.  Thanks so much!!  AND thank you, Carly.  What a gift.


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