Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Got cream?
Bino was one of the first animals I talked to.  He was adopted and his parents wanted to know more about him.  One of the first things he told me was that he loved that freezer food that his mom fed to him.  Bino also disclosed that he loved cream.  I later found out that his owner gave him raw food that she bought frozen and that he did love it.  After the communication she also bought him some cream that he loved.

His mother later got in touch with me because he was jumping the fence.  I spoke to him again and told him how important it was that he not do that.  Since that communication Bino has stayed inside his fence.

Bino's parents wondered about his early beginnings but he did not want to talk about it.  He just assured all of us that now it was so much better...we have no idea how much better.  His job is to keep the squirrels off their property.  His parents wondered why he is so restless and wants in and out all of the time.  Bino is short for bambino.  He really is a baby, isn't he?


Lisa said...

What a precious face he has!

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