Monday, January 5, 2009

The Year of the Ox is just around the corner, and will arrive on February 4, 2009. At that time the annual energies will change and your Feng Shui remedies and enhancements will need to be updated.

Many of you like an update of your Four Pillars report. If you would like to have these updates please call-918-512-6833 or email me - Below is a menu of my fees for the above services.

Feng Shui updates $50
Four Pillars update $65
Four Pillars month-by-month $200

This can be paid by check or through Paypal at using my email address above. Please let me know if you would like these updates through regular or email.

The Year of the Ox is symbolized by two elements – with earth sitting on top of earth. This is like two brothers or sisters and they can be friends or competitors. The earth on top is yin earth which symbolizes a garden. The Ox is yin earth, a peaceful animal and is known for hard work and persistence. Hopefully, 2009 will be a year of greater peace and harmony.

After the last clearing workshop in early December, I returned to the Unity Church to give them a love offering. Someone at the workshop asked if the church had experienced any beneficial changes since I have been having workshops there. I remembered to ask the minister, Ann Marie, and she said they now have the largest congregation they have ever had!

I am being called to share clearing techniques with a new generation of children who are gifted in many ways. No matter the terms used to describe them: Indigo Children, Crystal Kids, Rainbow, Psychic, or others, the overall meaning is the same: they are intuitive, spiritually gifted and aware. I have been offered a space to work with these exceptional children. I believe that if they can come together in a group it will help them to feel more understood. These kids are amazing and have a greater 'knowing' than I ever dreamed of having.

If you know of any children who might be interested in participating in a fun 2 hour workshop on a Saturday, let me know. I am putting it out there and feel that if it is supposed to happen then the kids will appear. Would love to hear any thoughts you have about this.

Try something different! Instead of making a resolution list, try making a gratitude list. Some things you might ponder on the list are: Who is important to you? What are things you can’t buy? Why are you feeling blessed? What have you overcome? Who makes you happy? List all that is easy and flowing in your life.

Happiness is being. It does not mean that you cannot be in pain and still be happy. It does not mean that you cannot be working very hard and still be happy. Happiness is being. Be in peace.

The way I have done Chinese Astrology charts in the past has been quite labor intensive. In the New Year I am going to make some changes. I will record the reading with the phone consultation with my client. This reading is about your personal map and the blueprint of your life. A natal chart reading also addresses pressing issues in your life at the time of the reading. 1 hour, $150. If a type-written report is also desired, there will be an additional charge of $75. Annual updates will still be typed and emailed to you, or if would prefer a phone consultation or to meet with me, my hourly rate is $100 an hour, $50 for 1/2 hour.

A wonderful gift you can give someone is a better understanding of who they are and what their purpose is in life. A Four Pillars Astrology reading gives someone deep insight into why they are here. You will give your loved one something that they will forever remember and a better understanding of themselves.

Recently I was watching Eli Stone on TV and Eli’s guru said something to him that I loved and resonated with deeply. "...I understand that you have a gift. A gift is something that is given. You don't own it. The world does. The world is asking you to use it. You don't get to say 'no'. No matter how much you might want to." We all have ‘gifts’ that we can use to help to make the World a better place.

My wish for you in 2009 is to have the ability to love without limit and to reach and dream in spite of your fears. Sending you love and blessings from my heart to yours....Pam


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