Saturday, January 31, 2009
Barack Obama was born in the Year -Yin Metal Ox, the Month -Yin Wood Goat, the Hour - Yang Wood Dog and the DAY - YIN EARTH SNAKE. The Day or Day Master is a person's actual personality. The DayMaster can be compared to the Star of the Show, while the other elements and animals are the supporting actors.

A Yin Earth person is adaptable, agile and quick thinking – comparable to farmland, or a garden. During a time of good luck is cool, calm and collected. Obama is not simple on the inside. Just as we don’t know what is on the inside of the earth, the same holds true for the Yin Earth person.

A Yin Earth Snake is stable and honest, humble and willing to accommodate others. He will place a high premium on traditional values and virtues. His standards for all things are high, as are his personal ethics. It is unlikely that he will speak or act ill towards others. He is selfless rather than selfish. He also believes in things that can't be seen.

This is considered a very strong chart. Earth born in the month of the Goat (earth). His favorable elements are Water and Metal. He won the presidency on a double Water day in a double Water month.

Things I see in his chart:

  • Great speaking ability
  • Siblings and peers don't help him
  • Can work well independently
  • Very close connection with child and with children
  • Mother will die young or he will not have a close relationship with her
  • Has trouble sitting still - energetic
  • Can hold the power
  • Blunt
  • Can aggressively move forward to achieve

2009 is a double earth year. This makes his strong chart stronger. This energy will affect Obama's thinking, behavior, decisions and direction. He will become more self-determined at this time. This additional Earth energy can cause him to come across stronger that he means to. He could argue with peers.

In 9 Star Ki, another type of Chinese Astrology, Barack Obama moves to a place that I call the 'cave'. It is significant for bringing about transformation. He can have an enormous evolution in his consciousness. This is a period of tremendous psychological insights and change, but not much stability.

Barack Obama is an a 10 Year Luck Pillar that is very favorable (metal and wood), but every year in that ten years is different. 2009 looks to be the most challenging for him. Hopefully this small peek at his chart will give you some insight about what lays in front of him.

Looking at the state of our nation right now, how could Obama's job be anything but challenging for 2009? I plan to 'lift' him up every time I think about him or read his name. Hopefully all of you will do the same.


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