Monday, November 8, 2010
This is the face of a very wonderful dog, a Giant Schnauzer, who draws a crowd wherever he goes.  He's seems to make people feel better by just being in his presence.  His mother brought him to the Garden Deva party on Saturday and he was so happy.  He told me it was an important and fun day for him. 

His favorite thing to do is to go on walks.  Iggy is made for walks.  His job is to make his mom laugh.  He is here to teach his mom to trust.  She trusts Iggy and this used to be an issue for her.  Iggy has helped his mother to heal. 

Iggy told me that he has been with his mom before...many years ago.  When I suggested this to her she felt that it was true.  What a great guy.  Wish the whole world could have an Iggy. 


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