Sunday, October 24, 2010
I participated in an event that was very poorly attended this weekend.  Everyone was a bit disgruntled because they had spent a lot of money to participate.  Nothing make people grouchier than to feel like they have wasted money.  Right?  Bulldog to the rescue.

This bulldog named Elvis is a service dog for a woman who has seizures. Elvis will alert her if she is about to have a seizure so she can sit down.  How amazing is this? 

Elvis wore his University of Auburn shirt yesterday and when people saw him their cranky faces changed to smiles.  Nothing makes people feel better than an animal's perfect spirit.  Of course I talked to Elvis and he told me a few things.  He told me he was hungry and tired and wanted to go home on Friday night.  He takes his job seriously and loves doing it.   Yesterday he told me that his mom never stops talking!  After visiting briefly with her I could understand his viewpoint.  I gave him a massage using a technique I know called TTouch.  He thought is was heavenly. The honor was mine!


Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about the event. Poor Elvis - makes me wonder if my dogs sometimes want to say "would you please be quiet for just one minute!!".

LuvRagdolls said...

What an amazing dog. You were so kind to give him a TTouch massage.

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