Saturday, October 9, 2010
Amber left the earth last November and her mom felt like it would help her if I tried to communicate with her.  Amber was from the state of California.  The first thing I 'heard' when I tapped into her energy was the song Inky Dinky Parlez Vous.  Of course, I wrote it down.  It doesn't matter if my client thinks I'm crazy or not.  I asked her who met her when she passed and she told me Grandfather Kenny , Suzanne and Clark Gable.

Amber told me that she came to teach her Mom how to love and she learned how lovable she is.  When my heart stopped hers took on my energy. 

A few days later I heard from her Mom. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading with Amber!  I cried but in a good way.  I had a little pet name for her.  Amber Dinkis.  I would sing the 'Inky-Dinky' song to her but change the words to include her name.  She is right about my heart break of letting her go.  It was very hard to do.  I'm not quite sure about the 'Clark Gable' connection, but that could be something she experienced before our relationship together.  I am not at all surprised that my father (Grandfather Kenny) and my grandmother (Suzanne) met her upon her passing.

When I took her to the vet to put her down, after she expired, I bent down to kiss her head goodbye and she exhaled, Loudly!!  Not only was I startled but there was a force that pushed me backwards.  Now I know that was when her heart energy went into mine.

I really feel my grieving for her has been tremendously relieved by this wonderful communication.  Thank you for your sensitive insight

This will keep me on my path for a while longer.  Thank you, Amber!!


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