Saturday, February 13, 2010

I never considered myself quirky, but recently I've noticed some things that make me think differently. The other day as I was pushing together the empty shopping carts in Sam's parking lot I thought that this was a job I would be really good at. It's just something that I do. The feel and sound of one cart fitting inside another is very satisfying to me. It takes some strength and maneuvering to get them lined up sometimes too. Go figure.

I also have the sharp pencil thing. A freshly sharpened pencil is so satisfying. You cannot get the same effect with a mechanical pencil. I once had a very OCD child in one of my classes (back in the day that I taught middle school) who could not write more than one line without resharpening his pencil. I'm not that bad, but I did feel his pain.
Most underwear is totally annoying! I can feel it. Jeans are annoying too because I can feel the seams from the inside. I took all my old jeans to the consignment shop. Oprah often has a show that is based around the perfect jeans. Sorry, Oprah, I don't believe you. Oprah is a clothes tugger, so I don't believe she is that comfortable in her clothes either. She also dedicates programs to perfect bras. Every bra she talks about looks like a torture device used in the dark ages. No underwires for me. Soft, 'stretch as you grow' are just perfect for me.

One more thing... why do my cats wait until they get into my lap to do their personal grooming?  The sound of the licking puts me on edge.

I promise to document any other quirkiness about me as I notice them.  I would love to hear about your quirkies too.  Just leave them in the comments and I will post them if you would like.  That's the great thing about a blog. 


Lisa said...

This is so funny! I feel the same way about shopping carts...and seams in clothes drive me crazy! My daughters and I all joke about our OCD-gene...we straighten things everywhere we, books, candy in the check-out lane, wind-up toys in Borders. *sigh*

I have a dog that pants incessantly (no medical reason that we've found) and it makes me absolutely nuts. My 17yo gets fidgety when anyone puts a can in the car cupholders because it's just loose enough to rattle...she always ends up wedging a napkin in to stop it. ;)

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