Friday, February 27, 2009
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I received an email from Raymon Grace, one of my favorite dowsers. I just have to paste parts of it here. Give him credit for what I think most of the time. Here is part of his email~

Many of you have written because of your concerns about the economy and world conditions in general. Well, I’m the wrong person to ask about things like that as I have little knowledge of world economics. However, I may have a bit of experience with changing energy.As most of you know, our work is based on a few simple principles.

* All things are composed of energy and the intelligent mind can direct energy. * Energy is impressed upon matter. * Energy follows thought.

If we think of a past event that causes us to become angry, we are likely to create a feeling of anger. If we think of a past event that was fearful, we will create fear. If we think of a past event that was funny, we will laugh.

Ok, so what happens when we regularly read papers and magazines telling us how bad things are? TV news makes a stronger impression on our mind.

When we buy into the opinions and commentaries of those in the news media, we are letting them tell us what to think. It seems that many people have either forgotten how to think or perhaps they never learned, so they let someone else do their thinking for them. We are affected by what we hear, see and experience, whether we like it or not.

So how do we stop being influenced by the bad news?
Here is how I do it.----- Don’t listen to it.
On most any situation I ask, “Will my life be better or worse because of this?”

If the activity is not in your best interest, then do something else that is in your best interest. OR if you feel a need to watch TV may I offer a few suggestions.

Use your dowsing and check the integrity of the newscaster. Check the value of the information. Ask if the information has a positive or negative effect upon you. If negative, use your clearing to neutralize the effect upon you. Yes, you can do this because the intelligent mind can direct energy.

Since we are influenced by what we hear, it is important to create a circle of friends who support each other.

Good ole Raymon Grace! I hope that all of you will consider that I am one of the friends who supports you.


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