Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Feng Shui found me in 1997. I will forever be grateful to Feng Shui because it is the reason I found my 'path'.

Feng Shui is an innovative system for creating change in your life by influencing the energy of your environment. It is the ancient Chinese Study of detecting seen and unseen energies and how they affect our living and working space. Feng Shui has methods for controlling, stimulating, and directing the subtle force called chi, to support us and to brighten our opportunities for success in the future.

Feng Shui is not a religious practice and therefore cannot produce miracles. What it can produce is a more harmonious and peaceful environment where one can have a greater potential to achieve their desires.

The quality of the energy that surrounds you profoundly affects your ability to manifest harmonious relationships, a satisfying career, good health and abundance. Feng Shui is used throughout the world by people of all walks of life to create spaces which resonate with a sense of beauty, balance and purpose.

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Cargal said...

I am a firm beliver in Feng Shui, more importantly, in the work of Pam Case. She is an expert at what she does. We update our house each year and always see(and feel) the results. It has improved the wealth, health, SLEEP and happiness in our home.

jean said...

I believe in Feng Shui... Great Post!

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