Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Hopefully the explanation below will help you to understad what an Astrology reading can do for you. To me, it's all about raising our level of consiousness. Anything that helps me to understand myself better can help me to 'wake up'!

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a system of Chinese astrology used to decipher human fate and is based on yin/yang and the five elements. A Four Pillars interpretation establishes a framework to help individuals understand the potentials and cycles of their lives. It is a personal energy blueprint – a map of your own energy based upon the prevailing energy on the day you were born. It is at this precise moment that we “inhale” our destinies.

The birth data is converted into four “pillars”. Each pillar depicts the interplay of two of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The positions of the elements on the pillars and the relationships among the elements “determine” the destiny of the individual. During your lifetime you migrate through different energy. The belief behind this is that man will face and overcome various experiences presented to him in the different Luck and Annual Pillars.

People follow different patterns because of the influences imprinted upon them at birth. It depends upon your state of wisdom as to how well you move through the different energies of time. The strength and intensity of troubles or good fortune depends on the strength and maturity of the individual.

A Four Pillars chart is a personal energy blueprint – a map of our own unique chi based upon the prevailing energy influences during the year, month, day and hour of birth.

A Four Pillars chart predicts possibilities in our future and helps to make peace with our past. Understanding this enables us to take full advantage of times of abundance and times of challenge. Insight into many areas can be gained through the analysis of a chart: careers, prospects for wealth, insight into relationships, and health. 4P can be used as research on human potential - how one can capture and realize the good and minimize the bad.


feng shui harmony said...

To say that Pam Case has a passion for Chinese Astrology is an understatement. I personally have had my chart done by Pam and so have many of my friends. Her knowledge and dedication makes her the BEST in Chinese Astrology. She is thorough and she is dedicated. If you have not had this experience, you should sign up right now. She has more than a sixth sense about her charts. She has intuition and expertise which combined makes her unique. She sees what other's can't even if they have knowledge of 4P. Her ability is unique and her gift a talent in the creative Divine order.....

Anna Maria Prezio

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