Friday, June 12, 2009

When you attend one of my workshops you can then request a clearing partner. It is interesting what people email me about having a clearing partner. So many are 'afraid' they aren't going to do it right. The following is what I sent to someone who was doubtful about being a clearing partner.

Dear One,
Your ego is keeping you from picking up the pendulum... and you need to have more than just one pendulum that is out in your car at midnight. It's a very simple thing, actually. You just pick it up as often as possible and ask simple questions. You can then 'tap' into whomever you desire. Watch and see what happens when you ask that an upset family has their energy be brought to a clear and balanced state.

Your ego is evidently telling you that you can't do it right or that someone else is going to find out something about you that you don't want anyone to know. This is the intuitive 'hit' that I get when I read your email. You say that you don't have enough time and that time just slips away from you. Time flies because you are busy 'doing' and not 'being'. Being is how you get in touch with your intuition and with who you really are. Most of the world is busy running and going and being in the drama.

I randomly clear all the time. If there is a baby crying in a store I will say ... "Bring his chi to a clear and balanced state". I will often move my hand like the pendulum. Try it with your children. If one of them is out of sorts quietly ask the above. If we are all one, all one mind, then we are all connected. Make sense? Can you say a prayer for someone when you are in a crowd? This is the same concept.

Don't make rules or box yourself in. Just do what feels fun and simple and like you are going with the flow. We do something strange to ourselves in this country. We give trophies to those who fight the hard monuments around tragedies like OK City bombing.. When we visit those places we are not lifted up with the memory, but and feel sad. I do not go along with the motto "No pain no gain!"

If you take the time to sit and clear someone's energy fields then you are treating yourself well. You are developing your intuition which will help you in all aspects of your life. Love, Pam
P.S. Photo by Pam


TJ said...


Thank you for the comments to Dear One. After reading them I realized "the prayer" was what my daddy used to stop the flow of blood. I said as much out loud and he responded, "You got it!" I then realized at that moment he passed it on to me. I was always fascinated by his ability to do this and hoped I would be the one to "inherit" it. My son thinks he has the ability and he may...I was always told only one at a time has it and they pass it on before death. Daddy didn't. Perhaps when they don't, they can give it to more than one as a gift from the other side.
It was wonderful meeting you and all the other goddesses on Sunday. I look forward to seeing you next month at "the Judy's".

Blessings, TJ

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